Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Home Learning

Please remember that the above home learning is due into school on Wednesday 4th May 2016. This will form part of our lesson on the Wednesday afternoon and children will be expected to share something from which we can learn.

We have seen some lovely home learning in the last 2 weeks. A panda habitat (well done Esther), a hedgehog habitat (well done Amelia) and a minibeast habitat (well done Islwyn). Very creative – we look forward to seeing more of your creations.

In other news our caterpillars are growing fast and look like they may be beginning to make their cocoons. It is fascinating to watch as we continue to learn about habitats.

Also my apologies for the incorrect dates on the trip letter and I hope that you all received your parent mail. We are going to Staunton on the 11th May 2016!!

Have a fabulous long weekend, we look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday (don’t forget we have an INSET day on Tuesday).

Best wishes,

Mrs. Luter and Miss Allen

This Week in Year 2

This week we have been learning about habitats. We have even made our own habitats for woodlice. We investigated places around the school grounds to find out where woodlice live and then made our own choice chambers. Unfortunately our first group of woodlice escaped so we had to improve our experiment.

Some new classroom pets have arrived. They will help us to further learn about habitats, food chains and life cycles. Children explain what creatures we have in our classroom!

We have been learning how to use all of the different sentence types in our writing – see if your child can remember all 4. We were a bit confused about the new way of using an exclamation but have made excellent progress.

We look forward to seeing your child’s home learning there seems to be lots of projects on the go!

Have a happy weekend,

Mrs. Luter and Miss Allen