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Children visit Tracey Corderoy

Last week Mrs. D took some of our Year 2 children to visit Tracet Cordroy author of Shifty McGifty and The Grunch Grouch!

“The Hubble Bubble story was very funny” says Anne-Sophie. “She has inspired me to read even more!”

“She writes books and she wrote The Glorious Granny Bake Off – they were very good.” Toby enthusiastically told me. “I would like to be an author like her!”

Perhaps some of her books may appear in stockings this Christmas!



Have a lovely weekend. Advent begins on Sunday when we will be thinking about how we can prepare ourselves for Advent. Whilst opening those chocolate calendars try asking your children to make a special Advent promise!

Mrs. Luter

This week in Year 2!

On Monday we received a newsletter from our twin school in Africa! We were very excited to read about the children and have begun to write our own newsletters back.

Mrs. Howell who retired recently came to talk to the children about Tyume Valley Schools as she is somewhat of an expert having visited 6 times now. Miss Fooks and Phoebe have also visited so were able to help us understand the similarities and differences also. So we are now going to include in our newsletters information about the area that we live in that the children may find interesting or surprising.

In maths we have been learning about fractions this week the children made excellent progress but fractions remains a concept many children and adults find tricky. Please use the language of halves, thirds and quarters around your home (when you share a pizza for example). This will really help to embed their learning.

We have a creative home learning for the children this week – this has been stuck in your children’s Home Learning Adventures and appears below.


Home Learning 19/11/15

Please complete by Tuesday 24th November

For home learning this week we would like the children to find out about their name.

Who decided on their name?

Why was their name chosen?

What does it mean?

What sort of person were they expected to be because of their name choice? (If relevant)

Children then create a banner with their name on. Make it attractive and provide the answer to the questions on the banner.

This is related to our learning in RE when we will be finding out what the prophet Isaiah called Jesus.


It is very nearly Advent and we have started to put together our Christmas Nativity! Look out for letters with information coming soon.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Luter and Miss Allen


Home Learning

It’s Friday and so home learning sharing day!

We have many Geographers in the class this week. Lots of map work! Many children have also continued to learn about Saints.






We have had a very busy week with a visit from Bishop Philip and a Remembrance service. Both days were very special and we were very proud of the children’s prayerful behaviour.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Luter

Map Detectives!

Miss Allen was on her way home on Monday evening when she saw a box by the side of the road. She brought it into school as it looked like it had been accidently dropped and we wanted to return it to its owner. She read a note inside to the children.



It was from an old man who we think may have played for a football team years ago. He said in his note that he was very confused and that Waterlooville had changed a lot over the years. He was no longer able to find a place to collect a prescription, buy a newspaper or post a parcel. So we set off to Waterlooville to see if we could help. We even managed to visit the library for a quick story before returning to school.

So we have become ‘Map Detectives’ this half term. We have drawn maps of our trip and will be writing to the man to tell him what we have found out.

Later we will be comparing our local area to an area in Africa and looking at our twin school Tyume Valley.

Attached is the home learning pyramid. Please complete one of the suggestions, or one of your own, this half term. You could also continue with or start a mini project about a Saint as our RE topic is Prayers, Saints and Feasts. Also please continue to read daily, practise number bonds (to 10, 20, 100), adding and taking 1 to and from any 2 digit number, adding and taking 10.

We look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you at parents’ evening.

Map Detectives autumn 2 – click on link to open home learning.

Mrs Luter and Miss Allen