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Home Learning…

Home Learning 6.7.15


This week we are writing letters to our new teachers. What do you want to find out about them? What do you think they should know about you? Practise writing facts about yourself, in a formal letter style.


This week we are thinking about the skills we will need in Year Three. Practice your times tables and number bonds. Can you log on to Abacus and play some of your online games?


This week we are thinking about the Sacrament of Marriage! Can you find out about Marriage? Maybe you can look at some family wedding photos. Are there photos of grandparents or great grandparents you can compare to now? Perhaps you could act out a wedding at home. What sort of promises do people make when they get married?


Carry on practising spelling the 100 high frequency words. How many have you learnt so far? Perhaps you could test yourself!

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Giraffe Class Assembly

Giraffe class assembly reminder