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Merry Christmas

Thank you to everyone for our lovely cards and gifts.

We hope you enjoy opening your special presents from the children.

Have a lovely (well-earned) break Year Two!

We look forward to seeing you all, rested and refreshed, in the New Year!

If you choose to continue your home learning projects over the Christmas Break

(apart from assembling new toys and writing thank you cards of course!)

then we suggest you start researching and finding out about the Royal Family.

Perhaps you could watch the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day…

Have a wonderful Christmas.

From all of the Year Two team.

christmas tree

Elephant Class Ukulele Concert

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our Ukulele Concert today.

We hope you enjoyed it.

We have uploaded some pictures,

just in case you weren’t able to get there

We are so proud of all that we have learnt this half term.

Merry Christmas!

pic 1 pic 3pic 4

Home Learning 12th December


Literacy: I could write instructions telling someone how to wrap a present. Don’t forget your time words!

Numeracy: I could make a Christmas decoration using interesting shapes.

RE: I could think about peace and how I could help bring peace to others. I could also write a prayer about love to share in collective worship next week.


Miss Smillie: Spell contraction words e.g. It’s, I’ve, let’s, we’ve, couldn’t, didn’t etc. How many can you use in 1 sentence?

Miss Stinton: Listen to all the sounds in a word when I sound it out e.g. chestnut, sleigh, Christmas

Miss Hele & Mrs Wickes: Practice spelling Christmassy words e.g. chestnut, cracker, Rudolf, Christmas, jingle bell, roast, stocking.


Bug Club, Abacus, My Maths

Home Learning This Week:

Literacy: I could write a description of my favourite fairy tale character using adverbs, adjectives and noun phrases.

Numeracy: I could find different shapes around my house and practice using a numberline to add and subtract.

RE: I could make an Advent wreath or find out more about Prophets.


Miss Smillie: Practice spelling: suddenly, cried, because, clothes, mother, feet, It’s, which.

Miss Stinton: Practice reading and spelling words with the split digraph ‘o_e’ e.g. whole, explode, alone, close

Miss Hele/Mrs Wickes: Practice spelling: like, some, what, have, there, their, who.

Bug Club, Abacus, My Maths