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Home Learning

Literacy: I could start an Advent diary at home to keep track of my preparations for the coming of Jesus.

Numeracy: I could practice using a ruler to measure and draw lines and shapes.

RE: I could use real leaves and holly to make an Advent wreath. I could think about each of the candles in the wreath and what they represent.



Miss Smillie: Spell words with the prefix un- e.g. unsatisfied, unhappy, unimpressed, unfortunately

Miss Stinton: Sound detective- look for words with the split digraph i_e in e.g. slide, glide, tribe.

Miss Hele: Different spellings of the ‘oa’ sound e.g. o_e, oe, ow, o, oa

Mrs Wickes: Different spellings of the ‘oo’ sound e.g. ew, oo, ue, u_e


Bug Club, Abacus, My Maths

Elephant Class Ukulele Concert


We have been learning how to play the ukulele

and we would love to show you how well we have done and what we have learnt!

We would like to invite you to our Elephant Class Ukulele concert on

Monday 15th December at 11am.

We hope you can come to it!

ukulele concert 4



Anti-Bullying Week

This week we learnt so much about how to prevent bullying.

On Wednesday we had a special visitor come to visit us in assembly to teach us all about Hearing Dogs. We felt really strongly that we should help raise money to train more hearing dogs. We learnt the fact that only 150 dogs are trained each year but there are over 800,000 people in the UK that could benefit from one.

We will be collecting used stamps at school to help raise money for this charity. Please send in used stamps with at least a 0.5cm border around them of envelope.

We also had a visit from a guide dog on Thursday.

This week we have been so inspired to be more considerate, more understanding and more helpful to those around us. We hope you notice this at home!


Home Learning for Week Beginning: 17th November 2014

Literacy: I could write a diary, pretending to be my pet or an animal. I could write all about what I do all day!

Numeracy: I could collect some data about what we eat at home and make a pictogram.

RE: I could start thinking about Advent and how we prepare for the birth of Jesus.


Miss Smillie: Practice spelling: away, did, or, who, can’t, new, our, take, more, shouted.

Miss Stinton: Collect words with the /ey/ sound, the /oe/sound and the /au/ sound (e.g. donkey, autumn, goes).

Mrs Wickes/ Miss Hele: Practice spelling: could, put, old, too, by, I’m, called, here, asked

Bug Club, Abacus, My Maths

Our Home Learning This Week


We are excited to have special guest visitors holding assemblies this week to help us learn more about how we can stay safe, appreciate others and love how special and different we are! Mrs D is holding an anti-bullying competition in the library and we will be looking at what we can do to fight against bullying in our school and community.

Perhaps you might like to design a poster, write a short story or poem about anti-bullying and bring it in to share?

Our other Year 2 home learning this week is:


My Maths

Bug Club

Miss Smillie:

Write sentences that use the days of the week! Please practice spelling each day and writing them in sentences. Remember, they always have a capital letter and watch out for the tricky spellings!

Miss Stinton:

Practice spelling: said, what, why, when, he, she, with

Mrs Wickes and Miss Hele:

Write words that use the /oa/ sound e.g. boat, coat, sew, so, doughnuts, smoke, potatoes, slow

Next week we will be learning about:

In numeracy we will be looking at pictograms.

You could perhaps create your own pictogram at home of which mode of transport you use to travel anywhere next week. e.g. 8 times in a car, 3 times walking, twice cycling etc.

In literacy we will be focusing on anti-bullying and how everyone is special and different.

In RE will be learning about Ramadan and the special ways Muslims prepare for this time of the year.




Tongue Twister Challenge

We are trying to beat our times on our tongue twister challenge! Have a go and time yourself. Can you beat your time?

tongue twister

Home Learning

I could write a letter to say sorry to Samson the mouse for reading his diary.


Dear, Yours Sincerely



Miss Smillie: Collect words with the /oi/ sound (e.g. coin, toy). Find words ending in /ing/ like riding, trying.

Miss Stinton: Collect words with the /aw/ sound, the /wh/sound and the /ph/ sound (e.g. yawn, whisper, photo).

Mrs Wickes/ Miss Hele: Look at words with different spellings of the /igh/ sound (e.g. /ie/ /y/ /i_e/ /igh/ /i/)

Remember to go on Abacus, My Maths and Bug Club.

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a lovely half-term.

This half term we will be carrying on with our Titanic topic for a few more weeks and then spend a few weeks looking at fairytales before Christmas.

This week we started learning about writing diaries.

We found a diary, written by Samson the mouse, in our classroom. He had left a trail of crumbs which we noticed on Tuesday! He came to visit us yesterday and he was very angry about us reading his diary. We explained to him it was only to learn about the features of a diary so that we can write one of our own.

In numeracy we learnt all about telling the time this week. We learnt that the minute hand was the longer hand and the hour hand was the short hand. We learnt to read o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We also learnt how to draw the hands on the clock faces, being careful to draw the minute hand very accurately for half past, quarter past and quarter to. Some of us also started looking at telling the time to the nearest five minutes, although we found that ‘to’ was much more difficult than ‘past’. Telling the time at home as part of your everyday routine will really help to embed this understanding as telling the time is one of those skills which children either pick up very quickly or that takes a long time for them to become confident in.

Next week we will be learning about fractions including half, third, quarter  and fifth. We will be learning about how we record a fraction and how to find a fraction of a number. If you are eating pizza, pie or cake this weekend, you could discuss how to cut it into halves, quarters and thirds!

In RE this week we learnt all about Saint Martin. We hope year two can tell you all about him now and how they can learn how to be generous, helpful, peaceful and kind from his actions.

Next week we will be focussing on Remembrance so please talk to your children about Rememberance Day and why it is such a special and thoughtful day.