And the practising starts!

This week, as well as a school trip and launching our stewardship project, the children have started practising for our nativity and will be coming home with parts and words to learn tonight.

This week we also came to end of our Night Pirates text and we ended on a debate as to whether all pirates are bad. The children explored this by drawing on what they thought was good and bad. We then voted and the general consensus was that all pirates are bad!

This week is road safety week. The children helped super cat with teaching children how to cross the road safely. His super cat rap was: first stop and look from side to side, then you listen and think, that is super cat’s guide! We then looked at some pictures of children wanted to cross the road and voted whether it was safe or unsafe.

Next week:

Maths – The children will be continuing to explore halving amounts as this is something, we have noticed, that the children are not overly confident with. Please practise this at home, we are sharing equal numbers between two. Explicitly ask your child what half of the amount is.

English – We are staying with our pirate topic but instead moving on to poetry. We will be reading a pirate poem, looking at the key features and then we will write our own line to create a whole class pirate poem. This week could you have a go at reading some poems to your child. Is there any poems that you like yourself and want to share with your child?

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