Welcome back

What a busy couple of weeks we have had! The children have returned to school with brilliant attitude to learning!

For maths we looked at 2D shapes and reminded ourselves what they looked like by storing them. We spoke about the properties of shapes, talking about the number of sides and corners.

We had a pirate visit us and ask us to help find the treasure that has been stolen. The children agreed to help!

We practised getting to role to become a pirate, looking into some vocabulary that we weren’t sure of. Such as stealthy, adventurous and disguise.

Then we found a map had been left for us and followed it to find some treasure we had great fun!

Next Week 

Maths – we will be learning how to share equally between two. You could practise this at home with your child through the week. Can they share out their toys, chocolate or Lego between two

English – we will be continuing on our pirate adventure and learning how to become a pirate!

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