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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…

This week the children have spent some time in the hall practising for our nativity. Please can you ensure that your child knows their lines.

For English we had a visit from a pirate who left us poems. She told us that she is bored of the poems she has and wants us to write her a new one. We have been learning what a poem must have and had a go at creating our very own verse!

Next week: 

Maths – to halve a number. The children will be helping the pirates with a problem: the pirates sail has broken, they have 8 bits of material to fix the sail. Half of the material is red. How many are red? The second half of the week we will be looking at the different ways the materials could be arranged to fix the sail.

English – We will be starting our learning on the nativity and thinking about the order of the Christmas story. Phonics is key for your child to be able to write correctly, so if you know your child struggles with any sounds please recap them this week!

And the practising starts!

This week, as well as a school trip and launching our stewardship project, the children have started practising for our nativity and will be coming home with parts and words to learn tonight.

This week we also came to end of our Night Pirates text and we ended on a debate as to whether all pirates are bad. The children explored this by drawing on what they thought was good and bad. We then voted and the general consensus was that all pirates are bad!

This week is road safety week. The children helped super cat with teaching children how to cross the road safely. His super cat rap was: first stop and look from side to side, then you listen and think, that is super cat’s guide! We then looked at some pictures of children wanted to cross the road and voted whether it was safe or unsafe.

Next week:

Maths – The children will be continuing to explore halving amounts as this is something, we have noticed, that the children are not overly confident with. Please practise this at home, we are sharing equal numbers between two. Explicitly ask your child what half of the amount is.

English – We are staying with our pirate topic but instead moving on to poetry. We will be reading a pirate poem, looking at the key features and then we will write our own line to create a whole class pirate poem. This week could you have a go at reading some poems to your child. Is there any poems that you like yourself and want to share with your child?

A walk to Waterlooville

Here is some information about our walk to Waterlooville on Tuesday. The children were brilliant walkers, even if we did get some tell us that they were tired! Click on the link to see our learning.

Geo deep learning day

Everyone is special

We have introduced our stewardship project: Everyone is special. The children have been asked to bring in their empty crisp packets so we can can send them off to a charity that makes blankets from crisps packets. These blankets are then given to people who are less fortunate than us, people who are homeless or people who can’t afford to turn on their central heating.
To find out more please visit their website:

Welcome back

What a busy couple of weeks we have had! The children have returned to school with brilliant attitude to learning!

For maths we looked at 2D shapes and reminded ourselves what they looked like by storing them. We spoke about the properties of shapes, talking about the number of sides and corners.

We had a pirate visit us and ask us to help find the treasure that has been stolen. The children agreed to help!

We practised getting to role to become a pirate, looking into some vocabulary that we weren’t sure of. Such as stealthy, adventurous and disguise.

Then we found a map had been left for us and followed it to find some treasure we had great fun!

Next Week 

Maths – we will be learning how to share equally between two. You could practise this at home with your child through the week. Can they share out their toys, chocolate or Lego between two

English – we will be continuing on our pirate adventure and learning how to become a pirate!