Monthly Archives: October, 2021

We are scientists

This week we conducted our first science experiment: does our hoods or hat prevent us from hearing the whistle at play time? We started by listening for different sounds and identifying how they help us. We then spoke about what could prevent us from hearing the whistle at playtime, such as children shouting, children running, wearing ear muffs etc. Finally we had a go at playing outside without our hoods and listening for the whistle and then with our hoods listening for the whistle. Ask your child what the outcome was…

In maths we have been looking at solving problems with our number bonds to 5. The first problem was to work out how many ways they could score 5 when playing a game of skittles. The children loved playing skittles and noting down all the different ways! 

For topic this week, and celebrating black history month, we looked at Claudia Jones who spoke about the right for equality no matter what race or gender people are in the 1950s. She started the Caribbean carnival. It is now known as the Notting hill carnival. The Children had a a go at making a carnival headdress to temper Claudia Jones.

The 3 little pigs

This week the children had a message from the Big Bad Wolf asking them to listen to the story of the 3 little pigs and let him know if it’s the pigs who are mean rather than himself! The children wrote down their opinions. It was rather split and some children believed it was the wolf who was mean whilst others thought it was the pigs! All children gave valid reasons as to why they thought the pigs/wolf was mean.

We then had a go at retelling the story, writing down the repeated phrases. The children loved dressing up and getting into character to write down what they were saying!

We’ve been using the three little pigs to help with out maths. We were using the pigs to find different ways to partition numbers to 5. We even challenged ourself to write down the numbers. Some children took that one step further and wrote a number sentence!