Our first Mass

This week the children took part in their first Mass. They sat very well and joined in singing “Our God is a great big God”. They were even blessed by Mr Cunningham and Father Jeremy.

For English this week we have been looking at our book, Animalphabet. We been exploring adjectives and how they help us describe things. We have had a go at describing pictures from the book ourselves and then matched some adjectives to pictures of animals. We hope to later use some of these adjectives in our writing.


For science this week we learnt about the human body. We spoke about all the amazing things that our body does for us, such as breathing or running, and what body parts are used to do them. We then drew round each other’s body’s labelled the different parts.

This week children have been given a home learning book. The idea is the book gates at home and each week we will provide activities or sheets are to be done in the book.


Enjoy the last of the sun this weekend!

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