Monthly Archives: September, 2021

We are authors!

All the learning we have done around our book animalphabet has come to a brilliant end with us creating our very own book! We have worked together to create an alphabet book, each choosing animal and writing a sentence containing an adjective. We tried really hard to remember our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Here are a few pages from our book!

This week for maths we have been learning how to partition a whole. We started by partitioning fruit and vegetables and then helped Mrs Layton’s daughter partition her birthday cupcakes. The children enjoyed finding out all the different ways they could partition the cupcakes.

Below are some images of the activities that the children have been participating during the week:

This week the children have been given ordering numbers to 20 home learning sheet. It should be completed at home and stuck in their homework book. The homework book does not need to come into school, but should stay at home.

Our first Mass

This week the children took part in their first Mass. They sat very well and joined in singing “Our God is a great big God”. They were even blessed by Mr Cunningham and Father Jeremy.

For English this week we have been looking at our book, Animalphabet. We been exploring adjectives and how they help us describe things. We have had a go at describing pictures from the book ourselves and then matched some adjectives to pictures of animals. We hope to later use some of these adjectives in our writing.


For science this week we learnt about the human body. We spoke about all the amazing things that our body does for us, such as breathing or running, and what body parts are used to do them. We then drew round each other’s body’s labelled the different parts.

This week children have been given a home learning book. The idea is the book gates at home and each week we will provide activities or sheets are to be done in the book.


Enjoy the last of the sun this weekend!


For RE this week we have been learning about God as the creator. We have been exploring what he created. As a class we drew out he created on each day.

Maths this week we have been exploring teen numbers and finding ways to make them.


Have a fabulous weekend!

Our first full week

The Year 1 children have competed their first full week. All the staff in Year 1 are impressed with how the children have adapted and quickly understood the routines in Year 1!

This week we had our first science lesson. The children have started a longitudinal study. We are looking at how the school field will change whilst they are in Year 1. They looked for animals and signs of autumn.

For maths this week we have been focusing on numbers. The children have partaken in numeral and quantity matching, one more and one less as well as number formation.

As weather got worse towards the end of the week and the children bought in coats, we noticed that many children were unable to independently put on do up their own coats. This is something that the children practised in Early Years. If your child is still struggling with this please practise as much as you can at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

From the Year One Team.

Our first days back

Hello from the Year One team!

We have had a good couple of days back and the children have settled in well. Here are some images of the children learning in their new classrooms!

The children have been showing us what they know, using their phonics to help them write what they can see in our classroom or the outdoor area.

Children have been given their new phonics books. Please set some time aside to read the books everyday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

From us all in Year One