London’s Burning

Today, with the help of Mr Cunningham and his in-depth History knowledge (plus many other helping hands!), we reenacted the Great Fire of London. The children had been making model Tudor houses and this morning on the gravel car park, we assembled them to represent the narrow, tightly-packed streets of London in 1666. We lit the fire at the bakery in Pudding Lane and watched as the wind swept the flames towards St Paul’s Cathedral and beyond. Mrs Atkins threw water on the fire with a tiny ‘bucket’ but it made no difference. Finally, we cleared a section of the house to make a ‘fire-break’ and this was successful at stopping the fire from spreading further. We noticed the smells, tastes and sounds of being near a fire and thought about how awful it would have been for the people of London to be surrounded by all that ash. Hopefully your children enjoyed the event and learnt a lot too!


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