A visit from Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Today, we had a visit from Kelly from Hampshire and IOW Fire and Rescue Service. She spoke to us about what the service does and we joined in with a song and actions where we pretended to be Firefighters. Kelly talked to us about hazards in the home and things that we should stay away from. She taught us this rhyme with actions:

Matches and lighters, never touch

They can hurt you very much.

Kelly brought along a smoke alarm and showed us how to test it. We talked about how important it is to test our smoke alarms at home once a week. All the children were challenged to find all their smoke detectors at home.

We learnt that if the smoke alarm goes off at home we need to Get Out, Stay Out and call 999. We also talked about how important it is that the children learn their address so that they can communicate it to a safe person in the case of an emergency. The children have been given postcards to write to help them with this.

Finally, we got to see the kit that Firefighters wear to do their job.

Thank you for visiting Kelly – we loved it!


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