We have had such a  busy week! As well as our learning in maths and English we have had our Nativity play, Christmas jumper day, Cafod Advent assembly and drama workshops. We are certainly getting excited about Christmas now with the children bringing in their cards for the whole class which are being displayed in our rooms.  If your child would like to bring in a card for the class please bring it in at the begnning of next week. They are enjoying sharing these with the class.

In maths this week we have contiuned with solving problms involving 2’s and have completed out challenge counting in 2’s to see how many bricks were used to make our animal home!

In English we have starated to write our own versions of the Christmas story, thinking about the beginning, middle and end of the story and using our ‘ed’ words in our writing. We have seen some amazing use of vocabulary and the children are really beginning to think about their handwriting, presentation, capital letters and full stops. If your child is doing any writing at home please remind them about these things and encourage them to use the correct spellings of the common exception words that have come home on green card for your child.

We had great fun doing our Nativity, getting dressed up and performing to staff in school. Well done children! You worked very hard!


OnWednesday we had a drama workshop with an outside agency whcoh went down very well! We look forward to the pantomine next week! On Friday we had or Christmas jumper day. The children were very excited to share their jumpers with their friends and it made Christmas seem all the closer!




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