The Pirates have come!

Welcome back after half term. It may be lockdown in the wider world but our learning continues at St Peters!

We have been doing lots of lovely work about pirates this week to support our new book of ‘ The Night Pirates.’ The children found a message in a bottle of Monday from a pirate who seems to think that we have stolen his treasure! We wrote down some questions to ask him and had a visit from Pirate Pete and Pirate Penelope. They were very funny! We have also been learning lots of new words we can use when talking and writing about pirates and we have started to think about how we could make up pirate stories to tell each other.

In maths we have been learning all about the properties of 2D shapes and using the the language we need to to describe them.

Today, Friday, has been the schools History deep learning day. We learnt a little about how Martin Luther King wanted the world to be a fairer and better place. We then went on to think about how schools have changed over time, thinking about disabilities, how and who we can sit next to and who was allowed to learn in schools. The children had some very good ideas. We compared this with the schools of today where differences are celebrated and all children are allowed to learn together. Finally we thought about how we could make the world a fairer place.

We have also been practising our Liturgy. If your child has come home with some words to learn please could you help them to do so. We are so sorry that you will not be able to share this with the children but the children will tell you all about it!


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