Home learning for the last week!

Dear all

It is the last week before the summer holidays and our last home learning online before the planned return to school in September! Where did the time go and how did we get here!? We at school are so proud of all our children and their families who have risen to the challenge through this difficult time. We have been so impressed by the resilience shown by the children in school, their love of being back with friends and learning together as well as the support of families at home, schooling their children through this strange time . We hope that you all manage to have a restful holiday and that you are all looking forward to joining your new teachers in September. We look forward to seeing you all again then too!

Over the holidays it would be great if you could keep up with some reading. Maybe the children could keep a diary of their holidays or write postcards to friends as well as keep up with some maths in their day to day lives. All of the blogs from the last few months will remain on the school website so that if you want to do that exciting science experiment  that you never had the chance to complete or go back over that maths that was a bit tricky it is all there for you to revisit.

Have a lovely holiday from all in year 1!

English reading and writing

You will be doing some phonics focusing on the sound ow (blow), oa (goat) and o-e (rose) and as well as some spellings linked to the poem this week. (see below).

If it is a bit tricky or moves too fast for your child just focus on the key phonics being taught, or one version of the sound that your child knows e.g. oa and the key words. Maybe you could just work on one day of the online learning? Do what you feel your child can cope with. If you want an added challenge see if you can use some of the punctuation that we have been learning over the past few weeks such as the exclamation marks and editing using full stops and capital letters. Can you think of some really interesting rhyming words for your poem?


This weeks English task looks at poetry, specifically rhyming words and syllables in words and sentences. The poem that Miss Browne reads today is based on a poem by A A Milne, who wrote Winnie the Pooh!

To listen to a poem


To identify rhyming words


To plan a poem


To identify syllables


To write a poem



We attach the link below because we feel it has some useful ideas. See page three. We are sure that you are doing many of them already!

Menu of reading response ideas KS1

The website below has lots of free to download ebooks suitable for laptops and tablets. You will need to register to access them but it is all free and the website has other information about different areas of literacy which you may find useful.



Linking to the poem this week:

one, two, three, four, five, six, when, year


To directly compare the capacities of two containers


To indirectly compare the capacities by measuring in non-standard units


To compare different volumes


To apply understanding of halves and quarters to capacity


To introduce a litre as a standard unit of measure


End of term reflections

As it is the last week of school this week w thought it would be a good opportunity for you to reflect on your year in Turtles and Puffer Fish class. It has been a very busy and ultimately eventful one! This might be a good time to reflect on your year and think of that to come. Talk to your parents or other special adults and see if you can work through some of these questions? Perhaps you might like to write some of your answers and thoughts down and keep them to look back on in years to come!

  1. What is something you have accomplished this year that you are really proud of?
  2. What did you do this year to help your class mates?
  3. What has been the most challenging aspect of this year?
  4. What have you found has been helpful in keeping you stay happy while you have been at home?
  5. What has been your favourite book you have read this year and why?
  6. What 4 adjectives best describe your year at school/ at home in lockdown? You can think of more if you like!
  7. What advice might you give children coming into Turtles/Puffer Fish next year?
  8. What am I looking forward to next year?
  9. What am I worried about next year? Talk to your special adults if something is really worrying you and use this opportunity to think these through.
  10. What am I looking forward to doing in the holidays?


Watch the whole musical story Peter and the Wolf.


Listen out for the different tunes you have been learning about.

What instruments can you see?


Art Challenge for Father Jeremy: Week 2!

Father Jeremy has got a very special celebration coming up on 26th July this year. He will be celebrating 45 years since his ordination into the priesthood.  I think this is a remarkable achievement and should be marked by your incredible artwork. Therefore, your Art challenge for the next fortnight is to produce a piece of art for Father Jeremy.  This can take any form you like from street art, a drawing, collage or even some edible art! As well as being a priest, Father Jeremy has a wide range of interests including walking, reading and nature.  So let you creative juices flow and come up with something spectacular….I know you will!

As I have mentioned, this is a two week challenge and I would ask that, as well as me displaying your art on the Blog, would you please keep hold of it (yes even sculptures you may make), so that I can collect it from you, when we are all back in school and put it in a book and then present in to Father Jeremy.

As always, you can still send any other art work to me and I will post that on the Blog too.

Please email your artwork to me:


Thank you

Keep creating and keep safe!

Mrs Pearson


As we approach the end of the school year and consider our journey in faith towards God, now is a great time to reflect upon each of the Sacraments that form a special part of this journey. Please choose ONE of the seven Sacraments below: Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, Reconciliation or Anointing of the Sick.

With your chosen sacrament, have a go at ONE of the following tasks…

  • Write a prayer or poem about your favourite Sacrament.
  • Create a stained glass window to represent the key symbol(s) of your chosen Sacrament. What do these symbols mean and why do you think that they are they important?
  • Can you find any photographs at home from when you or a family member took part in any of the Sacraments? Discuss what the experience was like and what you can both still remember.
  • Are there any special garments or items of clothing that you would wear when taking part in your chosen Sacrament? Design an appropriate outfit – which colours or details would be suitable?

Family Science Activity

Spaghetti Towers

https://www.rigb.org/families/experimental/spaghetti-towers – to watch the video

The activity:

  • Make a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows.
  • ExpeRiment with the construction of your tower to find out which shapes are best for building with.
  • Learn why some shapes are more stable than others when you build a tower.

https://www.rigb.org/docs/spaghettitowers_infosheet_0_1.pdf – for the full information on the activity and questions to ask your child(ren)

You will need:

Packet of spaghetti (uncooked) • Packet of marshmallows

What to do:

Challenge a child or children to use marshmallows (whole ones or pieces) to join lengths of spaghetti together to make the tallest tower possible. You could start by building a simple cube and seeing what you need to do to make a taller structure that remains standing.

Going Further challenge:

  • Instead of building a tall tower, you could try to build the strongest bridge from spaghetti and marshmallows.
  • You could limit the amount of spaghetti and number of marshmallows to make the task more difficult.
  • You could give children a budget with which to ‘buy’ spaghetti and marshmallows and make the ‘cost’ of the tower another element they have to consider.
  • Try out this interactive ‘shapes’ lab to see how forces affect different shapes: http://bit.ly/ShapesLab

Have fun!

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