Home learning 3rd July

Dear all

We have had another lovely week in school. We hope those of you at home are still keeping up with your learning and perhaps we will see more of you in school before the end of term? It is lovely to see more children coming in to school and enjoying being back with their friends and getting into the school routine. With only 3 more weeks left before the end of term we hope to see more of you before the holidays.

Last week, to support our Windrush learning, we watched this animation for a poem by John Agard. We provide a link below if you would like to share it together.


Remember that there is no need to complete all of the learning below! The focus should be on maths, some aspects of the online English learning and reading and then maybe you could choose one other project to do from the home learning ideas? Or more if you want to obviously! Make this time at home enjoyable and treasure the time you are together having fun! Remember that you can send us a piece of the children’s work or an activity that they want to share every week on our class email addresses:



We would love to see what the children are getting up to at home!

Don’t forget to look at Sumdog for maths, reading and spelling challenges.

English reading and writing

In this weeks sequence of lessons you will be writing a set of instructions. The story used is Eddies Garden by Sarah Garland. See a link to the story online above. You will be doing some phonics focusing on the sound oi (spoil) and oy (boy) and as well as some spellings linked to the story (see below).

If it is a bit tricky or moves too fast for your child just focus on the key phonics being taught, or one version of the sound that your child knows e.g. oi and the key words. Maybe you could just work on one day of the online learning? Do what you feel your child can cope with. If you want an added challenge see if you can use some of the punctuation that we have been learning over the past few weeks such as the exclamation marks and editing using full stops and capital letters. Can you use the past tense in your account?

Eddies Garden by Sarah Garland

Here is a link to the story online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC0V3k_8F_U

To listen to a story


To commit a set of instructions to memory


To understand how to make a noun plural


To begin to write my instructions


To continue to write my instructions



We attach the link below because we feel it has some useful ideas. See page three. We are sure that you are doing many of them already!

Menu of reading response ideas KS1

The website below has lots of free to download ebooks suitable for laptops and tablets. You will need to register to access them but it is all free and the website has other information about different areas of literacy which you may find useful.



Linking to the phonics and story this week:

Soil, moist, coin, toy, destroy, joy, firstly, finally. Some of these words are a bit tricky to write and remember. If so see if you can learn they, school and come from the common exception word list for year 1.


To share a total equally.


To share a total equally.


To Explore arrays


To Explore arrays


To develop understanding of halves and quarters of quantities



The explorer of the Antarctic Ernest Shakleton


This week we are going to learn all about a man called an ‘explorer’ who tried to get to the South Pole in Antarctica. He was called Ernest Shackleton. He was a very brave man and the Oaks Academy lesson tells you all about him. In the lesson you will see some real pictures of his exploring and learn about his amazing adventures.

The online lesson starts with a ‘quiz’ relating to lessons we have not done. Just click ‘quiz done’ and move on to the next screen and start the lesson at 3.20 minutes. (The first few minutes are recapping things we have not done)

The teacher asks the children to make a story map of his journey but if you would prefer to find out more about him use some of the links below and think about these questions.

  • Why was it so hard for Shakleton to reach the South Pole?
  • How do you think those men would have felt when they realised no one was going to come and rescue them?
  • Would you want to go on this sort of adventure when there are no phones, TV or other methods of communication?
  • Can you draw or paint a picture of the icy landscape and sinking ship? I think it would have been very frightening!

The teacher recommends the children’s book ‘Shakletons Journey’ by William Grill if you want to find out more about his adventures and life. You could also search the internet to see more photographs of the expedition by Frank Hurley. See below for one source.



Week 6- The Hunters

Listen to this short piece of music and find a picture of the timpani.


What do you think the hunters are doing?

Can you create your own hunter music out of everyday objects?


Art Challenge for Father Jeremy:

Father Jeremy has got a very special celebration coming up on 26th July this year. He will be celebrating 45 years since his ordination into the priesthood.  I think this is a remarkable achievement and should be marked by your incredible artwork. Therefore, your Art challenge for the next fortnight is to produce a piece of art for Father Jeremy.  This can take any form you like from street art, a drawing, collage or even some edible art! As well as being a priest, Father Jeremy has a wide range of interests including walking, reading and nature.  So let you creative juices flow and come up with something spectacular….I know you will!

As I have mentioned, this is a two week challenge and I would ask that, as well as me displaying your art on the Blog, would you please keep hold of it (yes even sculptures you may make), so that I can collect it from you, when we are all back in school and put it in a book and then present in to Father Jeremy.

As always, you can still send any other art work to me and I will post that on the Blog too.

Please email your artwork to me:


Thank you

Keep creating and keep safe!

Mrs Pearson

Family Science Activity

Friday 3rd July

If your child has an allergy to eggs – please choose another exciting investigation from https://www.rigb.org/families/experimental

Bouncing Eggs

https://www.rigb.org/families/experimental/eggsperiments – watch the video

  • Make an uncooked egg bounce!
  • ExpeRiment with different liquids to see what effect they have on eggs.
  • Learn how the acid in household liquids like orange juice and vinegar react with eggshells and make them dissolve, leaving the inside of the egg intact.

https://www.rigb.org/docs/dissolving_eggs_infosheet_v2_0_1.pdf – download worksheet for instructions and questions to ask before and after the investigation.

You will need:

5 eggs • Glasses or jars that an egg can fit inside comfortably • Cling film • Oil • Milk • Water • Vinegar • Orange juice

Going further challenge:

  • You can use the shell-less eggs you make from this experiment to do another activity which will let you shrink and expand the eggs by placing them in different liquids: http://bit.ly/nakedeggs
  • Watch a video of how to make a coloured bouncy egg, then try making one yourself: http://bit.ly/RubberEgg



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