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What are the teachers in year 1 up to?

Mrs Jonas

I have been having a busy time over the last couple of weeks in the sun clearing out a big shed in my back garden that was full of lots of things I don’t remember having seen before! We now have a big pile of things that will need to go to the tip at some point! Here is a picture of a mouse nest we found!


We have also been taking the time to eat outside when we can. Here is a picture of a BBQ we had on our fire pit with my older daughter taking care that things don’t burn!

Keep safe and look after each other

Mrs Jonas

Mrs Grout

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and keeping busy at home.

This week I planted some cucumber seeds, and they’ve started growing. I hope they will give me a good crop later in the summer! On Sunday I took the dog for a walk around the fort on Portsdown Hill. Here is a photo of him on the hill!

From Mrs Grout

Mrs Webster

Hi year one, I write to you this afternoon from the Northern Hemisphere, from a little village in the south of Hampshire,  my very sunny back garden. This week I made a sweet shop and used the money to buy and sell sweets.Yum yum….  If you don’t have any real money, you could make some out of paper, by cutting circles and writing the monetary value on them.   You could buy and sell your toys, clothes or books with your parents, brothers or sisters.

Ralph has also learned to tie shoelaces.  His feet are getting so BIG now that we won’t be able to have Velcro trainers soon.  He is really happy to be able to do it now.

Unit our next adventure, I will say bye for now. Mrs Webster x

Mrs Layton

I made the most of the sunny weather during the weekend and went for a really long walk with my family. My daughter and I spotted lots of mini-beasts. We even saw a fox! As we walked we spotted  lots of wild Spring flowers and looked for some insect habitats. When we got home we each made some bug hotels for the insects that live in our garden. I wonder which mini-beasts will move into our hotels?

Mrs Walls

Hello year 1

Well where did the sunshine go ? Hope you are all happy and keeping busy. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and he had a huge chocolate cake and lots of presents . I have been doing lots of reading this week. I have started my second book already. I hope you are enjoying your reading too and look forward to us reading together again soon .

Have a great week
Love and twinkles
Mrs Walls
Mrs Knight
Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. It’s been another busy week in the Knight house. My son celebrated his birthday so, together with my daughter and husband, we had a little party. We played party games like pass the parcel and pin the tail in the donkey. If any of you are having a birthday while at home we would love to hear about it! Take care and be especially good for your grown-ups. Love Mrs Knight.

A reminder

Dear all

In chatting to some of you today on the phone we are aware that you may not have seen the blog post that comes before the home learning this week. This has a little piece written by each member of year 1 staff to tell you about what they have been doing at home along with some photographs. Scroll down past this weeks home learning to see what we have been doing!

Stay safe.

The year 1 team

Home learning 24th April

Dear all

We hope that you all had a good first week back after the Easter Holiday. The sun continues to shine and the summer is coming!

Here is our home learning for the week including our weekly family science activity and music exploration. We so hope that you enjoy this learning together.

Don’t forget to look at Sumdog for maths, reading and spelling challenges which will be updated each week. See also mymaths for maths challenges.

English reading and writing

The Sam’s Sandwich sequence of lessons is a great learning activity. You will need a pencil and paper before you start the online learning for this story! You will be doing some phonics, exploration of interesting vocabulary and answering comprehension questions! As the week goes on you will be writing a set of instructions. If it is a bit tricky or moves too fast for your child just focus on the key phonics being taught and on verbally telling the instructions and writing some simpe sentences using the time seqeuncing vocabulary.


Sam’s Sandwich

Below are a series of lessons for the week which are based on the book above.

Instructions: to commit a set of instructions to memory

Instructions: to use the conjunction ‘and’

Instructions: to write a set of instructions

Instructions: to continue to write a set of instructions

The link below also has a range of ideas of how to develop a love of reading for your child. See page three. We are sure that you are doing many of them already!

Menu of reading response ideas KS1

Maths – Capacity

Measuring water!

Maths to do in the bath or in the garden.

Use a selection of different measuring jugs and everyday bottle and containers.

Note for Parents/Carers

Encourage your children to look at the shape and size of different containers and bottles. They should understand that even though some may be taller, this does not always mean they hold the most as some are shorter yet wider.

They should be able to talk about some of the common bottles they use (lemonade bottle, milk bottle) and know how much they hold and see which are the same by pouring the contents of one into the other.

Can you fill the different containers to the top so they are full?

Can you make them half full/half empty?

Which containers do you think hold the same amount of water?

How can you check?


Look at the containers in your house. Do they have measurements on them?

Which container holds the most?

What are they used to measure?

Could you use them to measure a glass of water?

Can you make some jelly with an adult? You will need to carefully measure out the water!

Extra Challenge

How many 500ml (1/2 litre) containers will fill a 1 litre container?


Choose a set 1 or set 2 and practise spelling.

Set 1:   do, of, all, is

Set 2:  pull, put, were, by

How many times can you write them in 1 minute? Set yourself a challenge!!

Try to look at them, cover the word and then write and check. Did you spell it correctly? Can you write a sentence containing the word?


Go on a mini beast hunt.  Count the mini beasts that you find.

Which was the most common?

Which was the least common?

Where did you find them?

Make a home for a mini beast.


How was a castle built to prevent attack?

Watch the film and learn about how castles were built to fend off attackers.  Make a list of the different methods that builders used to protect those inside from their enemies. Can you draw some pictures of some of these features and write a sentence or some key words for each to explain how they worked and whether you feel they would have been good defensive ways of protecting your castle or not?

Watch this clip to learn what it was like to be under siege!



Close your eyes and listen to:

Can you move around to the music? Is it slow or fast?

Now move around to:

Is this slow or fast?

What else did you notice?

Did you spot that they are the same tune? Saint-Saens slowed down Offenbach’s famous Can- Can music and used it to represent tortoises.

Family Science Activity – Friday 24th April –


The activity: Make objects move without touching them by charging them with static electricity.

Experiment: with different objects to see how static electricity affects them. Learn about charged particles like electrons and how things gain or lose charge. – for a video clip about the experiment and a full version of the activity information sheet.

What you will need:

• A balloon • A cotton towel or T-shirt or a woolly jumper • Some scrap paper • A paper/plastic drinking straw (optional) • An empty 500ml plastic drinks bottle (optional) • A hard plastic comb or ruler (optional) • Other household objects to test.

What to do:

  • Charge up a balloon and try picking up scraps of paper with it.
  • Investigate whether the amount you rub the balloon affects how much paper it can pick up.
  • Investigate whether the size of the scraps of paper makes a difference.
  •  Find out how close you have to be to the paper before the balloon makes it move.
  • Try bending a stream of water like Hector does in the video.
  • Try balancing a straw on top of a bottle lid and seeing if you can make it spin like in the video.
  • Find out which objects are attracted to the charged up balloon and which are repelled by it.
  •  Try holding a charged balloon near your hair or your skin.

Going Further:

Try rolling an empty soft drink can along the ground using a charged up balloon

Try lighting up a fluorescent lightbulb with a charged up balloon – as described here:

Try tying two balloons to strings and seeing if you can charge them up with static electricity then hang them up so they repel each other.

Read more about static electricity MoreStaticScience


Art Challenge: UNDER THE SEA

The title for your art this week is ‘Under the Sea’.  This can take the form of a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a collage or anything else that you would like to create. As always, I’m sure you will impress me with your creativity!

Here are some ideas


However, if this doesn’t appeal to you can still send any other art work to me and I will post that on the Blog too.

Please email your artwork to me:

Thank you

Keep creating and keep safe!

What are the year 1 teachers getting up to?

We thought we would tell you a little about what we are all doing at home while we are not all able to go into school. It is a strange tome fro us all but we are making the most of the time with our families and putting off the jobs that need doing!

Mrs Jonas

Thank you so much from all of us for  the lovely messages and videos that we have seen. We have been very relieved to see you happy and busy and learning at home! We miss you all so much….I am enjoying time in the sun in the garden. I have 3 chickens who are providing us with lots of eggs. This week one of them has been escaping all the time from the run! One day I decided to sit and watch her to see how she was getting out. She has been squeezing through a hole in the  fence! I quickly mended the hole but she is very clever and is just chewing through my string and has been escaping regularly to dig up my veg patch! I’ll let you know what happens next week! I am also spending some time making some pots in my garage! Here are my Easter creations! Keep safe . Love Mrs Jonas


Mrs Cass

Hi everyone hope you are all having lots of fun at home. I have seen some great photos of some of the things you have been up to and they look fantastic. I thought I would share with you a few things that I have been doing at home with my two boys. We have made salt dough hand prints for lockdown 2020 and then painted it. We’ve made some pictures and thank you cards for our local nursing home to thank the carers for all their hard work. We also painting some stones in the garden in fun designs and some for the NHS. This was great fun to do. Our favourite thing to do is build secret dens inside or outside. Maybe you could try one of these ideas at home and send us some lovely photos? I have already seen lots of your photos of things you have been up to at home with your families and they look fantastic. Love to you all Mrs Cass.

Mrs Knight

During our time at home I have been having great fun with my children. We made a rollercoaster out of lego! We have also carried out some outdoor science experiments by making a mini pond and seeing what happens when we put mentos into cola (stand right back if you have a go at that!!).

I hope you are all enjoying some fun learning activities at home. We all miss you very much!
Mrs Knight


Mrs Walls

Hello year one

Mrs walls here. I just wanted to say how much I am missing you all. I hope you are all safe and well. I have been busy at home sorting my cupboards and enjoying the sunshine with my three cats Merlin, Willow and Mario although Mario can be very naughty!!
I hope you are enjoying your home learning. I have seen some amazing work on Mrs Pearson’s art blog. Well done all of you !!
Let’s hope we can all be together again soon.
Stay safe
Mrs walls
Mrs Webster

It has been such lovely weather since we have been in lockdown. Even with the sadness of not being abe to do the things we love to do, God has blessed us with such lovely weather! The sun makes me feel warm and happy.

As you know, my son Ralph is in Year 1, so each day we have been busy working on his counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Ralph lined up all his cars and practised writing his numbers and counting his cars in 2s, 5s and 10s. He has so many cars!

Puffer Fish will know how I LOVE to clean and tidy everything, so when I have done all the school work that Mrs Jonas, Mrs Knight and Mrs Layton have set me and have helped Ralph with his learning, I have been cleaning all my cupboards. The problem now Year 1 is that I have nothing left to clean…. Ahhhhhhhh

I’m off to find a new adventure. I wonder what it will be? you will have to wait till next Friday to find out….

Mrs Webster x

Mrs Layton

I am so enjoying seeing the pictures and videos of you at home and seeing some of your wonderful artwork on Mrs Pearson’s blog! We are all missing you and look forward to seeing yo again. Since I saw you last I have been taking my dog for lots of walks and have discovered parts of Waterlooville that I didn’t know existed. I have also been growing seeds for my garden. They have started to shoot up! This weekend I am going to make a bug hotel with my children. I can’t wait to see which bugs move in!

Mrs Layton x

Science family fun!

Friday 17th April 2020

Can you make a fizzy Bottle Rocket? – click on the links below to view a video and download the information sheet and have fun!

Fizzy bottle rockets | The Royal Institution: Science Lives Here

Questions to ask children:

When tablet is put in glass of water: What do you think is in the bubbles?

Where do you think the bubbles are coming from?

What do you think would happen if we used more than one tablet? Why?

What do you think would happen if we used warm water? Why?

Before making rocket:

What do you think will happen if we put some tablets and water in this bottle and close the lid? Why?

What things could we change to make the rocket go higher?

Going further:

Experiment with different sizes of bottle and different combinations of water and tablets to find out what combination gives you the highest flying rocket.

Does it matter how many tablets you use?

What about if you break the tablets into smaller pieces?

How does the temperature of the water affect things?

Have fun as a family experimenting and finding out!

Home learning

Home learning tasks

We hope you are all well and safe at home. Please post any comments to these posts if you have any suggestions.

Don’t forget to look at Sumdog for maths, reading and spelling challenges which will be updated each week. See also mymaths for maths challenges.

Maths –

Make a balance scale using a hanger and string. You can use buckets or paper plates to put your object on.

Explore the objects in your home.

What is the heaviest thing that you can weigh?

What is the lightest thing?

Can you find objects that weigh the same?

What things weigh the same as..

Use your toys. How many small toys weigh the same as 1 larger toy?

For example 2 plastic cars might weigh the same as 1 metal truck.


**What scales do you have in your house? What are they used to measure?

Could you use them to measure how heavy you are? Explain to your adult why you think that?

**Try using some weighing scales to measure out ingredients to bake something.


Phonics: Log into and practise one (or more!) of the different ways of making the ‘or’ sound…

or’ (fort), ‘aw’ (saw), ‘au’ (haunt)


Choose a set 1 or set 2 and practise spelling.

Set 1:   was, are, you, my

Set 2:  your, they, today, friend,

How many times can you write them in 1 minute? Set yourself a challenge!!

Try to look at them, cover the word and then write and check. Did you spell it correctly Can you write a sentence containing the word?


Choose a book from the CollinsConnect site.

Answer these questions.

  • What type of book is it?
  • Who might like to read it? Why do you think that?
  • Find 3 new words that you don’t know the meaning of?


In our learning last term we have been thinking about verbs (doing words). When they happen in the past we add –ed endings.

Task 1: Make a list of verbs. Act them out and see if you can get someone in your house to guess your words.

Task 2: These words are in the present (happening now). Write them out so they are in the past.

e.g. walk = walked

smile, help, climb, cook, punish, destroy

Challenge – Add them to a sentence.

Task 3:

Write a sentence about the prince or princess in the pictures above, describing what they are doing. Make sure the sentences are in the past tense.

e.g The brave prince walked towards the fierce dragon.

Try including these words…

jump, walk, dance, climb, ask


This week why not have a think about any trees you can see from your window or in your garden?

What different trees can you see from your window? Can you identify any similarities and differences? Are the leaf shapes the same? Is the bark the same colour? Are there any buds or flowers on the tree? Perhaps you could draw some of the things that are different.

Make some wax crayon or similar rubbings of the bark. This will be a good way to get up close and see the different textures. Can you make a picture/collage of a tree using these rubbings? Perhaps you could do some research to find out why trees have bark? What do you think? We expect you might see some insect on the bark. What are they doing there?

Here is some key ‘tree’ vocabulary to think about.

Bark, root, bud, leaf,flower,trunk, grow, deciduous, evergreen.


Important families who lived in castles would have had a special coat of arms.

A coat of arms is a special shield with pictures or symbols on it.

Here is the coat of arms for Arundel castle.

What can you see on the shield? Why do you think it has been added to the shield?

Design a coat of arms for you and your family?

You could add some of your interests or special features of the landscape or town where you live.




Music- Opening The Carnival of the Animals

This activity can be done on your own or with other members of your family. You may want to find a comfortable place to lie down in.

Close your eyes and listen to this piece of music:;_ylt=AwrJ7JU.95ZedwwAj.5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEybHNpMmM4BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjk4NDhfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=carnival+of+the+animals+Royal+March+of+the+lion&fr=mcafee#action=view&id=15&vid=1cfd51408275cd6c377df974c1767751

What pictures, patterns or colours come into your head?

Can you draw a picture of what you imagined?

Ask your family to do the same. Talk about and compare what you did. Remember- there is no right or wrong answer.


As part of your RE learning and reflection upon Easter, we would like you to complete ONE of the following activities, in order to develop your knowledge of this special time in the Church calendar…

· Design your own Easter Egg and include as many symbols for new life as you can!

· Create a comic strip cartoon of the key events that took place in the Easter story.

· Draw your own Good Friday crucifix and fill it with prayers for Jesus, as well as those around the world who have been working hard and making sacrifices for the good of others.

· Make a prayer station at home, for moments of peaceful reflection. Choose an Easter prayer as part of your worship, from

· Decorate your own Easter postcard with a Biblical image. Record your own Happy Easter message and spread the Good News to one of your friends!

Art home learning from Mrs Pearson

The title for your art this week is ‘NEW LIFE’.  You can be as creative as you like.  It could be a drawing of yourself as a baby,  a baby animal made out of kitchen roll tubes, a photograph of a tree with buds, an Andy Goldsworthy inspired piece of art made out of natural things in your garden or when you have been on a walk.  Impress me with your creativity!

Please email your artwork to me:

Thank you!

Keep creating and keep safe!

Mrs Pearson

Additional challenges!

Happy end of term!

We hope you have all received our weekly blog about RE and art learning for the next week. Please find below some additional spellings to learn. Perhaps you could look for them in books or ask one of your parents to write some simple sentences containing them for you to practise reading the words in context?

they    one     come     school

Some new challenges have also been set on sumdog. We hope that you are all enjoying using sumdog or if you haven’t yet been on, use this opportunity to get familiar with it. This regular exposure to maths tasks is very valuable and we try to set specific challenges for the children which they can do. Remember that the initial assessment is a bit tricky but once that is done the children will be targeted with specific activities so it is worth sticking with!

We have also received the following from the Hampshire Schools Library Service. The revamped Reading Challenge for these unprecedented times!

Hampshire SLS would like to encourage all pupils to read during this stay at home period. Why not take part in our #ReadAtHome challenge? We are asking pupils to read 6 books (although you can read more if you wish) and submit a short review for each title here.

Once completed pupils can download a certificate, which will be made available shortly!

Have a happy and safe Easter

The year 1 team

Easter learning!

Photo of Soldier Erecting Cross on Easter Sunday in Iraq Goes ...

As part of your RE learning and preparation for Easter, we would like you to focus on Holy Week – this is when Christians reflect on the final week of Jesus’s life. ​Can you complete some of the following activities, to develop your knowledge of this special time in the Liturgical Year?

  • Watch a video of the Easter Story

(You will be able to find some on YouTube)

Or read the Easter story (Luke 24:1-12 and John 20: 1-18)

Key vocabulary– (Easter Sunday, Jesus, sacrifice, cross, Peter, risen from the dead, resurrection)

Draw/paint a picture or write about your favourite part of the Easter Story.

Draw/paint a picture or write about your least favourite part of the Easter Story.Resurrection did not happen, say quarter of Christians - BBC News

  • How did the disciples feel when Jesus had risen from the dead?

Pretend that you are a disciple.

What would you say?

Write some questions.  Don’t forget to start with a question word and finish with a question mark.

Draw happy/sad/confused faces to show how the disciples were feeling.

  • What will your family do to celebrate Easter?

Design an Easter egg.

Make a stained glass window that you might see in a church.

Make an Easter card. Who could you give it to?

Art learning

Make a cross to symbolise Good Friday. It can be done in a variety of way: either by drawing or painting, using pastels, or make a collage cross using a variety of materials. If you prefer, you can go outside and make one using natural materials.

Fancy something different:

Create your own Easter Garden, include a simple cross, cave/tomb, add flowers and/or seeds that will grow over Easter.

Email your art work to Mrs Pearson:

We hope you are all keeping safe and well

The year 1 team