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Home learning tasks

We hope you are all well and safe at home. Please post any comments to these posts if you have any suggestions.

Don’t forget to look at Sumdog for maths, reading and spelling challenges which will be updated each week. See also mymaths for maths challenges.

Maths – Exploring coins!

Play shop-   Make labels for objects around your house (up to 20p).

Take turns to be the shop keeper.

How much does it cost to buy 2 things from your shop?

How many ways can you pay for your objects.

The shop is having a sale!  Everything is half price!!

Make new labels. Take turns to be the shopkeeper.


Look at the picture below of the Knight. The story looks to be set in a fantasy world with dragons and castles.

Who do you think the knight is?
Where has he come from?

Why is he here?

Who is in the castle? Is there a princess?

And why is there a dragon there too?

Can you think of some answers to these questions? Perhaps you can make up you own story using this picture as a stimulus? Remember to think of the story structure before you start. What will happen in the beginning, middle and end?


Practise these words.

they, my, some, come

Try to look at them, cover the word and then write and check. Did you spell it correctly Can you write a sentence containing the word?


Have a look in your garden if you have one. Can you identify any features of Spring? What do you notice? Can you see any buds, new shoots or roots? Make a list of the signs of Spring that you can see. Are there any evergreen leaves in your garden? (those that stay all year round?) Those trees that lose their leaves are called deciduous.

If you do not have access to a garden see if you can watch this short film that looks at the signs of Spring you might see.

The music on this clip is by a composer called Vivaldi and is called ‘Spring!’

Can you draw a Spring picture?


Look at Paul Klee’s painting ‘The Castle and the Sun’. Can you see the castle in the picture? What shapes can you see? What do you know about the properties of those shapes? See if you can recreate this picture by cutting coloured paper or paints/crayons/pens.


This week Mrs Pearson would like you to create something with a paper plate.  Please don’t worry if you do not have one at home you can just draw around a plate and then cut it out.

Mrs Pearson would like you to link it to the country that we would be studying next term, so here are some ideas.  However, any creation would be wonderful.

Please email a photo of your artwork  to Mrs Pearson and she will share it on the Art Blog.

Keep creating and keep safe!

Antarctic and Arctic ideas

Image preview

Image preview

Audio books!

It has come to our attention that Amazon today canceled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, children everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link

Home learning tasks

Home learning tasks

Don’t forget to look at Sumdog for maths, reading and spelling challenges which will be updated each week.

Maths – Exploring coins!

Collect any loose change and empty your piggy banks.

What is the value of each coin?

Can you make 10p using only 1p coins?

Draw around each coin and write a number sentence.

1p+1p+1p+1p+1p+1p+1p+1p+1p+1p =

Can you make 10p using 2p coins? Can you make 10p using 5p coins? Now try making 20p using these coins.

Choose a total and explore different ways of making that amount.


Keep practising your phonics and read your home reading book. Remember to explore the vocabulary and discuss the questions at the back of the book.

Watch this story about a brave knight.


Choose one of these activities

Draw a story mountain or story map to show the events in the book.

Draw a cartoon strip of the main events in the story.

Make a timeline of events from the story.


Can you write your own story about the brave knight?


Practise these words.

no, so, go, said, like, was

Try writing them in the air, on someone’s back, in the sand or bubbles in the bath. Perhaps you could write or say a sentence with each word?


Look outside. What flowers can you see?

Draw a picture of one of the flowers you can see.

Add these labels to your picture:

Stem    Leaf    Petal   Root  

Challenge: What does each part of the flower do?


We are beginning our topic on castles!

Watch this video about a castle.

What are the main features of a castle?

Draw or print a picture of a castle. Add labels to the main features.

Challenge – Why were castles important in the past?



Online reading books

We have subscribed to an online resource of school reading books. We would encourage you to log on and read daily. The resource also has questions about the books for you to answer.

Below is a link to a PDF which you can click on to open. It explains in detail how to log on and access over 250 online books for free.


From the year 1 team

The robbers came for a visit!

A big thank you this week to all the parents who came to see us for our Spring parents evenings. We hope that you found them informative and constructive.

In maths this week we have been looking at the concept of ‘half’. When can a number be halved and when not? We have been doing lots of exploring around this using the tools and models that we are familiar with.

In English we have been looking at the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been writing questions and exploring what we can infer from a picture or piece of text. Today the robbers came to see us in school. They were very naughty! We sat them down and asked them the questions we had written. The children were very excited by their visit!

Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

The year 1 team

World Book Day

Today has seen us have a wonderful time on World Book Day. The children were dressed in amazing costumes representing a number of book characters. In the afternoon we went to share stories with the children in the reception classes. They were lovely with the younger children are really enjoyed spending time back in their old classes!

In other news! Today we measured the rainfall outside the classroom (there was a lot of it!)  and took temperatures in different places to see where was hottest and where coldest. We then made our own weather forecasts for our friends.

In maths we have been counting in 2’s and 10’s and making ‘lots of’ using arrays in our books.

We look forward to seeing you all at our parents evening next week on Tuesday 4-7 pm and Wednesday 3.45 – 6.15.

The year 1 team.