Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

The children have settled quickly back into the school routine.

In maths we have been busy learning about measures. This included solving problems involving time and weighing objects using non-standard measures.


In English we have started a new text: ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’. We have explored verbs and have acted them out. Perhaps your child could show you how to trundle, tootle and nip! We have been busy learning new reading skills including predicting and making inferences from what we have read so far.

Reminder: Liturgy is at 10am Tuesday. All welcome! Please support your child in learning their lines if they have any.


We have been busy learning to count in 10’s. We have solved problems involving counting in 10’s and have explored using a range of models and images. Keep practising at home and remember to count forwards and backwards.

In English we have been making information leaflets about toys from the past. We will send our finished leaflets to Beryl Collins so that she can add them to her travelling museum.
Science is all about animals. We will be thinking about how we can encourage animals to return to our school field. Look out for our animal feeders!

In our topic we have been thinking about toys in the past and placing them on a timeline. We learnt that some toys were played with thousands of years ago and that the only evidence we have of these is painted on vases and pots!

Have a lovely weekend

Year 1 Team