Monthly Archives: December, 2019

Nativity week

Another week of Christmas cheer! The children are really enjoying preparing for Christmas during the period of Advent, including performing in the year 1 and 2 Nativity.

The past 7 days have been taken up with rehearsals and singing practises! The children have learnt the songs brilliantly and really enjoyed performing to all the parents, friends and relatives who came. Thank you for your support.

In other news we have been thinking about the  period of Advent – a period of preparation –  and what it means to Christians.

In maths we have been finishing off our work on subtraction / partitioning numbers and are now moving on to 2D shape names and properties. We hope to have some Christmas fun with this topic!

In English we are preparing to write a letter to Father Christmas by thinking about how and when we use the word ‘and’ in our sentences. We had great fun thinking about what we might like as presents, discussing with friends, using ‘and’, and then writing our sentences.