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They went in 10 by 10!

This week has seen us focusing on counting in 10’s in maths. We have been thinking about how 10 ones make 10, recognising patterns in the numbers and solving word problems.

In English the children are having great fun retelling and filming their stories using the story plan that they have been writing for the last few weeks. They have been able to remember the sequence and the twists and turns of their own narratives. Well done all!

In geography we have been thinking about maps and their uses and last week we made maps of the school in groups in the class. See map below!


This week we have been drawing our own individual maps. The children thought carefully about where the buildings would be and considered the ways in which they might be represented on their map.

Remember the Nativity next week. And thank you in advance for any volunteers that have offered to help on the walk to the Advent service on Tuesday!

The year 1 team

We are writing our own stories

As we are sure you know we have had our important visitors in this week. The children have behaved impeccably. They are a credit to you.

In English we have been continuing our ‘Journeys’ learning. Next week we will be starting to make our films of our stories based on the ‘Lost ad Found’ book by Oliver Jeffers. Keep an eye on the blog where we hope to publish these videos in the next few weeks.

In maths we have been learning about how to find half of different amounts up to 20. The children have been introduced to the bar model to help them and have enjoyed using the practical tools to demonstrate their understanding.

We have also been starting to practise the songs for the Nativity.

The dates are     Monday 9th December at 1.30 and
Tuesday 10th December at 9.30.

Please bring in your child’s costume as soon as you have it prepared.

Have a good weekend!

The year 1 team

What a busy week!

We have had a busy week this week with lots of new learning and our Liturgy to parents and friends thrown into the mix too!

Thank you so much to all of you who came along to our specail Liturgy, thinking about the theme of remembrance and what the children thought Heaven looked like. It was a very thought provoking event. We hope you enjoyed seeing your child take part.

In maths this week we have continued our learning about counting in 2’s and recording solutions to problems aswell as introduicng the new subject of sharing equally and fairly. What happens when the numbers do not share equally? We used some of the methods we have been using before such as part whole models to show our understanding and had fun sharing with our friends.


In English we have been thinking of adjectives to describe how we and the Penguin were feeling using our ‘Lost and found’ book as a stimulus and looking at ‘ed’ words and their use to help us describe things that have happened in the past. Next week we will start to devise our own stories using new characters which we will ultimatley record as short video stories.

We look forward to seeing you all at parents evening the week after next. Please ensure you have signed up!

The year 1 team


Our new topic this half term is Journeys. In English we have begun to discover the journey taken by a little boy and a penguin. (Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers) The children have had great fun role playing the story using puppets.


We are learning to count in 2’s in maths. We have been grouping objects including socks and shoes into 2’s , then we have counted up to 20. Perhaps your child could find objects in your house that are in 2’s. At the end of next week we will begin to share groups of objects into fair/equal amounts.

Our liturgy will be on Tuesday 12th November in our hall at 10:30.
Parents Evening 26th and 27th November ; slots are now available to book on Scopay.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend
Year 1 Team