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How do we know that dinosaurs ever existed?

Last week we were thinking about dinosaurs and the traces they have left behind that enable us to learn about their lives and times. We made a timeline to set their existence in context and thought about what might have been on earth at the time of the dinosaurs. Did they have mobile phones and cars?!

In maths we have been using a range of models, images and tools to partition numbers up to 10 and this week are looking at subtraction: recording solutions to problems using number lines and part whole models among other things.

Today we have talked about how to be safe online. Please talk to your child about this as this subject is increasingly important as the children have more access to tablets etc in their homes.

Please find attached a list of suggested books for year 1 from the library service. There are some interesting ideas of books that we are sure your child would love! Remember that your local library will be able to get any of these for you.

SLS 2019-20 Recommended Reads Year 1 Booklist

Thank you

The year 1 team

Where did that bone come from?

This week we have been doing some work on dinosaurs: considering if they are alive today, introducing the word ‘extinct’ and thinking about whether there were any people around at the time of the dinosaurs. The children were able to answer and ask lots of interesting questions. The teachers had found bones in their gardens… where had they come from? See if your child can tell you about it!

We have been writing to Harry about how to look after his dinosaurs his week, orally rehearsing the sentence before we write and using our ‘Kung-Fu’ punctuation to remind us about full stops and capital letters. In maths we have been looking at the sequence of numbers as well as one more and one less than a number.

We have started to get the children logged on at school to use their sumdog subscription. Please do take the time to look at this with your child. For those of you who have tried and found some issues with the level of questioning … please try again… we hope that these issues have been resolved!

Have a good weekend

The year 1 team