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Poor Harry!

This week we have been busy with Harry and his dinosaurs! We had Harry visit the classroom and tell us how sad he was that he had lost his dinosaurs. We used some special words to describe how he might have felt when he lost his dinosaurs and again when he found them. See if you can use these words at home to help to broaden your child’s vocabulary. Some of them are new to the children.

Upset,distraught,worried ,devastated, lonely

Excited, relieved,thrilled ,overjoyed, delighted.

In our maths work we have been using tools and pictures to help us find out and record what we know about number.

In RE we have been sequencing the Creation story and writing about what we know.

Next week we will be sending home some letters for your children to practise writing. We are now having regular handwriting and fine motor sessions and the sheets we send home will reinforce our learning in school.  In year 1 we will be working hard to ensure that the children are forming their letters correctly and your support at home would be gratefully received!


Remember the INSET day tomorrow Friday 27th September

Thank you

The year 1 team

Harry and his dinosaurs come to visit

We have had a lovely time this week exploring the book Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs. We have been on a hunt for the dinosaurs, writing about where we found them. The children have been doing fabulous job applying their phonics.

We are working hard in our new phonics groups and revising the way that we say the pure sound of the phonemes. Please find below a link to a youtube clip that will remind you and your child how to say them.

We have started talking about the Creation story. We have read the story in the Bible and been on a hunt around the school grounds looking for the things that God made. We also thought about the things that God did not make!

Please keep practising the ‘phonics homework’ outlined on the sheet. Our intention is that the children will be able to apply the key vocabulary in talking about the book as well as be able to read with a developing fluency the texts that they bring home.

Fantastic First Week!

How busy the children have been! We have explored globes, atlases and compasses to explore the places we have visited. The children made maps with different materials and labelled them using their phonic knowledge.

We have enjoyed our first week in our phonics groups. Please keep practising the sounds and books at home and remember to bring them in every day.

We are really looking forward to starting our new dinosaur topic next week!

Sumdogs login codes will be sent home next week so look out for that.

Enjoy your weekend.

Year 1