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Toys toys toys

Welcome back to another term, we can’t believe how quick this year is going. We have been enjoying learning outside at the beginning of this week in the sunshine!

We have started our new topic- Toys!

In maths we have been weighing toys using balancing scales. We have been investigating which toys are heavier and lighter. We have also weighed the toys using multilink.

In English we have been  creating our own set of lego instructions. We found that lego instructions are quite hard to follow without sentences to help us. We also found that prepositions are really helpful in instructions, particularly lego instructions to tell us where the bricks need to go. Below is a video we have found very funny and helpful when learning about prepositions.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year One team

Poetry competition

A big well done to everyone who took part in our Year One poetry competition, the time and effort you have put in to learn your poem off by heart is amazing!

It was really hard to pick just three children to go through to the whole school final- but a decision had to be made.

Congratulations to –

Tommy Dognini – duck weather

Alice Hatter- terrible tickle

Feodora Asiedu- Halfway down


Year One liturgy

   Thank you to everyone who made it to our Year One liturgy this week, we really enjoyed worshipping with you.

In English this week we have been thinking about things from the wolfs perspective. How does he feel? Would he describe himself as dangerous? We wrote letters to Mr Cunningham as the wolf to explain our annoyance at not being accepted for the job.

Next week we will be focusing on words ending in ‘ed’ with the help of Goldilocks. Her tummy rumbled at the smell of porridge. Her legs ached and she needed to sit in one of the chairs.

In maths this week we have been learning about the days of the week. Below are two of our favourite songs we have learnt.


Next week we will be focusing on telling the time. In Year One we focus on o’clock and half past.

REMINDER- parents evening times are now available to book on scopay for the 5th and 6th March.