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We have big news…

This week we received a letter from the Big Bad Wolf!!!

We can not believe it! We DO NOT want the wolf to work here. We are very concerned, so have written letters to Mr Cunningham to persuade him not to employ the wolf. Fingers crossed our letters are convincing enough to not employ him.

We have been so successful counting in 2s and 10s over the past couple of weeks we decided to transfer these skills to counting in 2p and 10p coins. We went shopping for ingredients to make gingerbread men. We only had 2p and 10p coins in our purse so had to count carefully.

Next week in maths we will be focusing on days of the week/ months of the year. We are sorry if the children come home singing lots of different songs to help them remember the order!

Reminder- Tuesday 5th February at 10:00 is our Year One liturgy. All family members welcome.

Have a lovely (maybe snowy) weekend.

The Year One team

The true story of the three little pigs

We have started our new book ‘the true story of the three little pigs’ by John Scieszka.Did you know the wolf was framed?! He actually had a cold and that’s why he blew the houses down- it was just a sneeze! We have been investigating this story this week and what we think the wolf is really like. Next week we will be receiving a very concerning letter from the wolf…

In maths we have been investigating counting in 10s. Only 10 gingerbread men will fit on a baking tray, so we have been using our knowledge of counting in 10s to see how many gingerbread men we can bake if we had 6 trays for example. We have used the same models from last week – part, part whole, bar model and arrays. Next week we will be using our knowledge of counting in 2s and 10s to count 2ps and 10ps for gingerbread ingredient shopping.

Reminder- Tuesday 5th February at 10:00 is Year Ones Liturgy. All family members welcome to join us in worship.

Have a lovely weekend- wrap up warm!

The Year One Team

Multiplication madness!

Another week of fantastic learning and we are really starting to understand multiplication. As we said last week, we made Lego houses over the Christmas break. The children had to estimate how many bricks we used, whoever had the closest answer would win a Lego prize. On Monday, we counted in 2s the amount of Lego bricks we used. In Miss Shaw’s class Grace Collins had the closest answer. In Mrs Layton’s class, Mathew Walsh had the closest answer – well done!

On Tuesday, one of the three little pigs wrote to us and told us how annoyed he was that his house had been destroyed by the wolf. He now wanted to build his house out of Lego bricks but needed our help counting- so we did! We have taught the children how to use various maths tools to aid counting in 2s physically and taught various models to record it. For example-

 This is an array.

This is a bar model.

 This is a part part whole model.


In English, we have rewritten the story of the three little pigs. It was some of the best and neatest writing we have seen from the children- well done! On Wednesday, we took our stories to show the new librarian Mrs Porter- she was very impressed. Next week we will be starting our story ‘the true story of the three little pigs’ We wonder how it will be different to the story we have just read…



A tale to tell

Welcome back! After a lovely 2 week break it is great to have everyone back in to school and straight in to their learning. We have started our new topic ‘a tale to tell’ based around fairytales.

In maths we have launched a LEGO competition! Over the holidays Miss Shaw and Mrs Layton built their own lego houses. The children have guessed how many bricks they think we used. Whoever has the closest guess will win a lego prize! We have been learning to count in 2s to help us count the bricks quicker. When we have learnt how to count in 2s we will reveal the winner! Ask your children to show you a bar model and a part part whole model and get them to explain how it works.

In English we have started our new text- the three little pigs. We have been retelling the story, remembering the well known key phrases. Next week we will begin to rewrite the story.

Date for your diary- Tuesday 5th February at 10:00 will be our liturgy. All family members welcome.

Have a restful weekend after a busy first week back!

The Year One Team