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Year One learning

Another busy week in Year One!

We have started our dinosaur topic and we love it! Some of our dinosaurs escaped on to the playground! So we had to go on a dinosaur hunt to collect them all up. We have been labelling the dinosaurs using the sounds we know and we have even created our own dinosaur. Next week we will start reading Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs – he may even pay us a visit.

In maths we have been counting dinosaur poo! We are focusing on more and less with number. The naughty dinosaurs also rubbed out some of the numbers on the number line, so we had to work out what numbers were missing. Next week we will be moving on to specifically one more and one less of a number.

On Monday we went to the field and built dinosaur dens.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year One team




wow, what a fantastic start to Year One! We are so impressed with how quickly the children have settled to their learning and adapted to their new environment. Above are some pictures to show what we have been up to.

Next week we will be beginning our dinosaur topic, any donations of plastic dinosaurs would be greatly received.

Reminder- next Tuesday 11th September at 3.30 we will host a welcome meeting in the classroom. Please go to the office at the end of the day and go through that way. We understand that not everyone will be available at this time, so if you are unable to attend we will provide a print out of the information from the meeting.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year One Team