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Pleaseeee Mr Cunningham!

We emailed Mr Cunningham on Friday to ask him if we would be able to watch Paddington bear the movie as we have started to learn all about him. We received an email back on Monday and it’s not good news…


Dear Year 1

I am very concerned that you want to watch Paddington at the end of the year.

You may not watch the film!

I absolutely hate bears, in fact I have arkoudaphobia

Paddington is a horrible little bear with rough, brown fur all over his flea ridden body.

He wears a huge red hat and a silly blue coat, how ridiculous for a bear to wear clothes.

He comes from the deepest, darkest Peru, goodness knows where that is or what disgusting germs he might have.

He is ridiculous! Why would anyone travel to busy, bustling London without making proper arrangements about where to stay?

Marmalade sandwiches are revolting! Yucky. It can’t be healthy to eat sweet, sugary marmalade sandwiches every day. He doesn’t even keep them in a cool bag!

Unless you can convince me otherwise, you may NOT watch the film!

Mr Cunningham


We feel Mr Cunningham has completely the wrong impression of poor Paddington bear. It has been our task this week to find out all the true facts about Paddington and prove to him he is in fact a lovely, kind bear. Fingers crossed our writing is persuasive enough to convince him to let us watch the film.

In maths we have been using various coins to buy marmalade and bread for Paddington as this is his favourite food! Next week we will be making marmalade sandwiches and cutting them in to halves and quarters. We will then be exploring the amount of sandwiches Paddington eats and splitting them in to halves for lunch and dinner.

Enjoy the football on Saturday!

The year one team