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our learning this week…

Another fantastic week of learning has come to an end, this week we have been particularly focusing on phonics.

We have been assessing the children’s phase 3 phonics. Across the year group we have identified gaps- particularly those trickier sounds made up of more than one letter for example   URE,  AIR,  OA,   ER  etc.

We have provided each child with a pack of phase 3 sound cards. In school we have practiced some games using the sounds;

Play teacher-

hold up the sounds and say the sound out loud.

Put the sounds in to a word-

guess the sound that is on the card from the word that has been said e.g chair- air sound card.

Read/write sounds-

place cards face down, select a card, say the sound and write the sound.

Challenge- write the sound in a word then put the word in to a sentence.


2   1


We would appreciate these games or similar being played at home to reinforce these crucial sounds.

Thank you for your support

The Year One team

We’re going on a journey…

We have started our new topic of journeys for this term.

The children have written a class letter to themselves and have discussed the journey that their letter will take to get back. I wonder how long our letters will take to return?

In maths this week we have been focusing on halves of shapes. The children have explored and investigated a wide variety of shapes to see if ALL shapes can be split equally in half. Next week we will be learning about halves of amounts. Perhaps you could practice this over the weekend- for example- you have ten sweets, one for you one for your child etc!

In literacy we have been reading the story the Hare and Tortoise, next week the children will be writing a letter to Hare giving him useful advice about how he can win his next race.

Don’t forget to book your parents evening appointment with us to discuss the wonderful learning we have been doing so far.

Have a wonderful weekend

The Year One team