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Thank you all so much for your most generous donations for CAFOD. We raised about £107 today which means that with the ‘UK AID MATCH’ year 1 alone have raised at least £214.

This afternoon we learned about what CAFOD will do with our money. It will really help the people who live in Myanmar who suffered a terrible cyclone in 2008. We talked to the children about how they could help look after their planet and one of their favourites was to make sure lights, and other electricity that is not being used is switched off.

Almsgiving is one of the things that we can do during Lent to get closer to God. We have also made Lenten promises today and thought about how we can be more like Jesus. After talking about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday this week we thought it was only right that we shared some pancakes!






Thank you again,

Have a lovely weekend!


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Welcome back!


We hope that you all had a fun filled half term it certainly seems so from the stories that we have heard this week. Rock climbing? Wow! So many of you seem to have experienced this sport this half term.

It seems that the children have returned to school really ready to learn and we have been delighted with all areas of their learning this week already. It is clear that you work so hard at home with your children so thank you and please keep it up. The children are keen to progress in their learning.

This Lent we will be supporting CAFOD as a school and raising money to increase awareness and support for people particularly affected by climate change. We will be thinking about how we can become better at looking after the world that God created. We have taken some really thoughtful ideas from the children today about how they could earn some money to bring to school this Friday. We will then be making our Lenten promises together. We will be thinking about the meaning of Lent and eating some pancakes!

The children suggested that they could raise some money to donate to our pancake event. They thought that they could wash up to earn some money, tidy up, put away shoes and coats, feed animals, polish shoes. Following a whole school collective worship one girl suggested that she could try her mums roast dinner that she usually refuses to eat!

We obviously would like to raise as much as possible for CAFOD and are delighted that the government will match every penny that we raise to donate. An excellent opportunity for some maths learning!

Thank you for all your support, be sure to find some photos here soon!

Shortly to follow – our new context home learning suggestions!

Mrs Luter

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Hurray The Toys Are Back!

Well, didn’t we have a suprise this morning? The alien sent us a letter saying that we could have our toys back! So we left our parachutes for him to collect to give to the toys. They used the parachutes and the cars that we made this week to escape. So this afternoon we planned a party to celebrate.

The children have worked really hard this half term we are proud of all their achievements. We are looking forward to next half term and a new context.

Have a fabulous half term and a well deserved rest!

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Maths Week Fun!

Hello and thank you to all the parents who came to our maths session in school on Tuesday. We hope that you enjoyed finding out a little about what your children are learning in school.

On Monday morning we were entertained by the ‘Equation’ dance group. I am sure the children will show you some of the moves that they learned.

This morning we made 2d shape puzzles for the children to play with their friends. This afternoon we had some fun with fractions and pizzas!


We are looking forward to the ‘Hobgoblin Theatre’ on Friday for more fun learning in maths!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Luter and Mrs. Allen