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Kenya Home Learning Points Challenge!!!

Due in: Monday 21st July 2014

You have 5 weeks to try to earn 50 home learning points.

You earn points by completing activities.

You can choose which activities you want to do and when.

□   Make a fruit salad or smoothie with a selection of African fruit. What fruit did you use and how did it taste? (10 points)

□   Make an African drum and practice drumming loudly and softly (10 points)

□   Learn some Swahili phrases (5 points)

□   Research and play a traditional African game e.g. Game Kisolo (10 points)

□   Make a sling to carry your baby dolls (5 points)

□   Junk model a car to take you on your Safari (5 points)

□   Choose a country in Africa and find out all about it. Maybe you could make a poster or book about it (25 points)

□   Can you find some African stories in your local library? (10 points)

□   Weaving and bead-work are traditional skills in Africa. Make something using these skills. (10 points)

□   Make a weather diary for Waterlooville over a few weeks. Think about how hot, windy and sunny it is.  Find out about how this compares to Africa. (15 points)

□   Make African animals out of different shapes (5 points)

□   Visit Marwell Zoo. Write about/ draw something new you learnt (30 points)

□   Watch the Lion King and write a list of all the African animals you see in it. What is the environment like there? (5 points)

□   Find out about a charity that supports people in need in Africa. Can you do some fundraising for that charity? (25 points)