Monthly Archives: July, 2020

Welcoming you to St Peter’s

By now you will have received information about your child’s new class, their teacher and when they will be coming to visit us on Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st July. Our year R staff are all very much looking forward to meeting your children and showing them around their new classroom. Please feel free to ask any burning questions you may have, although visits are limited to 15 mins so you may wish to contact the school office before the visit to ask these questions thus enabling teachers to spend the time talking and playing alongside your child.

These visits are a very important part of the transition process as your child will begin to build a positive relationship with the adults they will be spending a great deal of time with in September. These early connections will mean your child is likely to settle more quickly when they join us after the summer break. During these visits teachers will also provide a little activity for your child to do over the summer.  They will also give the children a transition photo booklet which the children will be able to look at to remind themselves of the adults and the learning area during the time between their visit and their start in September. Please do make every effort to attend these visits. If you are unable to attend we would be very grateful if you could inform us at your earliest opportunity.

On Monday you will receive further information about the Stay and Play visits and half day sessions in September.

Best wishes to you all.

Mrs L Knight