Getting ready for school…

One of the questions we are asked most at this time of year is ‘what should I be doing to get my child ready for school?’.

We ask that you don’t worry too much about the reading, writing and maths; we will be working on that together when the children have settled in September. The most helpful thing you can do is to talk with your child. Playing games, sharing stories, singing songs and having conversations all help to develop your child’s vocabulary which is one of the key factors in them being successful in school. In this busy digital age, conversation is often alongside the noise of a television or other device, or while we are distracted by rushing around. We ask that you set aside time ‘special time’, away from the distraction of technology, when you are not busy trying to get a dozen other things done, but time exclusively to share a conversation, book or rhyme, where you can discuss the wonders around us all or the things that most interest your child. These experiences help to build a wider vocabulary, support the skills of conversation and turn taking and also help to develop concentration skills and focus attention.

The government initiative ‘Hungry Little Minds’ provides further information about supporting children’s development.

Best wishes

Mrs L Knight


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