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Meeting your child’s new teacher

Dear Parents and carers of Reception pupils September 2020,

As a school we are committed to ensuring pupils have a positive start at St Peter’s, and that you as parents have all the information you need to feel confident when your child joins us in September. We have been busy putting in place carefully planned transition arrangements to support all our pupils, and are well underway with our plans to welcome 60 new pupils into Reception in St Peter’s in September.

Even with the national disruption caused by Covid-19, I am conscious of the need for new parents and their children to be able to meet their future Early Years teacher in person before the end of this summer term. Equally, we all know how important it is for young children to be able to see their future classrooms and learning areas for themselves before embarking on the next stage of their education. For 60 families to be able to visit the school site safely within the constraints of social distancing will take some organising, and these visits will need to take place over a period of time. It is my intention therefore to hold these Early Years acquaint meetings in school over the course of Monday 20th July and Tuesday 21st July.

On 6th July, together with information about who will be your child’s class teacher, you will also receive an invitation to come a visit our school and meet the members of staff who will be working in that particular class. In order to minimise the number of people on the school site at any one time, you will be given a 15 minute appointment to visit the classroom, meet their class teacher and ask any questions you may have. In order to adhere to social distancing guidance, there will be a one-way system in place for the visits. This meetings will be extremely useful for you and your child given that our usual July stay and play sessions will not take place this year, and I urge all of you to attend even if you already have older children at the school. Further details on how the visits will be organised will be provided when you receive your invitation.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Cunningham


Getting ready for school…

One of the questions we are asked most at this time of year is ‘what should I be doing to get my child ready for school?’.

We ask that you don’t worry too much about the reading, writing and maths; we will be working on that together when the children have settled in September. The most helpful thing you can do is to talk with your child. Playing games, sharing stories, singing songs and having conversations all help to develop your child’s vocabulary which is one of the key factors in them being successful in school. In this busy digital age, conversation is often alongside the noise of a television or other device, or while we are distracted by rushing around. We ask that you set aside time ‘special time’, away from the distraction of technology, when you are not busy trying to get a dozen other things done, but time exclusively to share a conversation, book or rhyme, where you can discuss the wonders around us all or the things that most interest your child. These experiences help to build a wider vocabulary, support the skills of conversation and turn taking and also help to develop concentration skills and focus attention.

The government initiative ‘Hungry Little Minds’ provides further information about supporting children’s development.

Best wishes

Mrs L Knight



A huge welcome to all the families of our new Year R classes. We are very much looking forward to when your children join us in September. For those of you with children currently in school, the transition process will look a little different this year, however, we will be working hard to ensure your child’s start at St Peter’s is a positive one . We will be updating this blog weekly so please do visit us regularly.
Previously, at this time of year, we would be holding our first welcome meeting for parents where you would have the opportunity to meet some of our St Peter’s team. Whilst it is not possible to hold our meeting at this time, we still wanted to introduce ourselves to you all so have put together a short video.
Best wishes to you all,
Mrs Knight