Monthly Archives: October, 2020

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone,


I hope that you are all well and keeping safe. It has been wonderful to welcome you back to St. Peter’s as we begin our new school year. We hope that your children have enjoyed their first few weeks back at St. Peter’s and that all children, staff, family and friends of our school feel settled and prepared for a fresh term…


In September, the children were welcomed back to school through socially distanced year group liturgies and masses. We were delighted to host Father Jeremy and Miss Keogh (Oaklands Chaplain) during our celebrations. On Tuesday 15th September, Year Four took part in a liturgy that was based upon coronavirus, our unsung heroes, as well as the national use of rainbows as a sign of hope and promise. Both classes presented their own class projects to one another – these consisted of ‘hopes and promises’ rainbows and ‘prayers of gratitude for our local heroes’. Please see photographs for examples below:


















On Tuesday 22nd September, Year 5 celebrated together in Mass. The children listened to the Bible and learnt how we are one body in Christ, with different members of the Church community representing a listening ear, a loving heart, and following in God’s footsteps, for example. On Tuesday 29th September, Year 6 also joined together to take part in Mass. We look forward to the following, socially-distanced school events this term:

  • Tuesday 13th October 2020: Year Three Liturgy.
  • Tuesday 20th October 2020: Year Two Liturgy.


We are also very excited to announce that on Saturday 3rd and 10th October, there shall be 50 children from St. Peter’s Catholic Primary school who shall be receiving the Sacrament of their First Holy Communion. Congratulations and best wishes to all of the children and their families at this very special time, we hope that you have a wonderful day full of happy memories and we look forward to hearing about your Communion experience when you return to school.


As the Autumn Term progresses, we continue to enjoy daily class worship at St. Peter’s. This has taken the form of Ten Ten online resources which include daily prayers, weekly assemblies and interactive activities to engage the children in their faith and help them to consider how scriptural teachings can be put into practice to support our Mission statement of ‘using the gifts and talents God gave us to make our world a better place’. Please do feel free at home to continue using the worship resources that are regularly attached to the Headteacher’s blog posts on our school website.


As we approach October, our attention turns to Black History Month and the importance of equality and mutual respect to all of our neighbours around the world. At St. Peter’s, as part of our learning journey on Creation in our God Matters curriculum, we have regularly discussed our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation to care for and protect everyone in God’s family. In light of this, each class has worked very hard on their Multicultural and Diversity displays to consider this important message. Please see photographs for examples below:




I hope you all have a safe and peaceful weekend,


With best wishes for the new school year,

Miss Honeywell