5th Sunday of Lent

This week my Year 3 class wrote the St. Peter’s section for the Church newsletter as I had a rare Monday morning away from school. They rather enjoyed the opportunity to ‘talk’ to the parishioners of Sacred Heart and St. Edmunds. Here is their contribution….

“This week Mrs. Osbourne brought in some daffodils to illustrate the Gospel. When plants die more seeds sprout out like Jesus giving out the Holy Spirit when he rose again. Mrs. Osbourne gave each class a copy of the Gospel reading to display on our prayer tables. Jesus says that unless a grain of wheat dies and falls to the ground it will stay just as one grain. If it goes into the ground it will produce many grains of wheat. Jesus died to save us all. By dying something amazing happened for us.”

In other news Key Stage 2 had their Penitential Service this week in school with Father Jeremy. It was a wonderful way to prepare ourselves ready for Easter. Year R also had their Year group liturgy on Tuesday. Once again it was lovely to see so many friends and family.

Year 5 met with our Bishop on Thursday. They have been involved in the Portsmouth Diocese Caritas Schools Dragons’ Den project. For weeks Year 5 have been asking staff and children what they would like as part of a prayer garden that they would like to create in the central court yard at school. Designs were created and submitted using PowerPoints to persuade their teachers. Mrs Turner then chose some children in Year 5 to represent the school. They travelled to Basingstoke yesterday to present their design ideas. They were an absolute credit to themselves, their teachers and the whole of St. Peter’s School. When Bishop Philip asked the children how the design reflected St. Peter himself Cecilia answered “well we would like to use rocks as part of our design because St. Peter is the rock of our church”.


We are exceptionally proud to announce that the children secured £400 towards our prayer garden! We are very excited to have a new prayer garden which we will use as part of our daily prayer. Particular congratulations go to our pupil representatives….













This afternoon I was able to visit every class whilst RE was being taught. It was so lovely to see how engaged every child in the school was in their learning. Children were applying so much of their recent learning to their own lives. Children were writing their own prayers and reflecting on their behaviour and actions during Lent with particular focus on the very difficult queston ‘is it always easy to forgive?’

Next week is Holy Week … please visit next Thursday to see some photos of our Stations of the Cross pilgimmages.

Best wishes,


Sarah Luter



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