4th Week of Lent

Whole school worship had a very simple message this week; God loves each and every one of us. He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to save us. This week in St. Peter’s we will be making an extra effort to show those around us how much we love them. We have turned our thoughts to people that we don’t always find easy to get on with.  God loves that person and so we too can show love and kindness to them. Even if that love comes through as a simple smile.

Year 2 had their year group liturgy this week where they reflected upon their journey through Lent and the difficulties that Jesus was faced with. It was lovely to see so many friends and family once again. Thank you for joining us Father Jeremy.


We continue to see that tempting box of Roses chocolates on our school prayer table. By leaving them alone we are showing how much we love our brothers and sisters around the world as each chocolate is worth £2 to CAFOD.

Hopefully your child or children are busy collecting the Gospel readings for their Lenten passports – we look forward to sharing this in the last week of term along with the winners of the Real Egg Palm Sunday competition.


Have a great week!

Mrs. Luter

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