1st Sunday of Lent

Mr. Cunningham led our first whole school worship of Lent on Monday. He told the children about the time that Jesus spent in the desert. He was tempted to test God’s love but Jesus did not listen. Mr. Cunningham explained that we need to be like Jesus during Lent and resist temptations. On our school prayer table this Lent is a box of 30 chocolate Roses and £30. If the 30 Roses are still there at the end of Lent the £30 will go to CAFOD. Each chocolate is worth £1. Will there be 30 left?


In class each prayer table has a bag of  beans. This is to remind us that some people in the world do not have the same amount of food as us. Do we need a chocolate from the Roses box as much as people less fortunate than us need the £30 to help them to grow their own crops?

In class time all children have been thinking about how they can fast, give and pray this Lent. If you would like to read about some of their ideas there are some examples on the front entrance display board.


We also had a CAFOD assembly today to launch our fundraising activities that will take place during Lent. The campaign is simply ‘Give It Up’ this year and more information can be found on the CAFOD website. The children will be bringing home a little collection box soon. It would be great if children could make a small contribution – perhaps earning some pennies to do some jobs around your home or for their grandparents.

Give it up this Lent!

Year 1 had their year group liturgy this week it was lovely to see so many parents! Thank you Father Jeremy for celebrating with us once again!


Have a restful weekend and a great start to the second week of Lent.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Luter

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