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33rd Week in Ordinary Time

This week’s Gospel reading was relevant to everything we do here at St.Peter’s. Our mission statement even reflects the Parable of the Talents as we are reminded ‘to do the best with the gifts He gave us to make the world a better place’. We use and follow our mission statement daily in all we do remembering how God asks use to use our talents to the best of our abilities as Jesus taught us. Every week in our ‘Golden Leaf’ assembly one child from every class is rewarded for following our mission statement. They then get to take the class prayer bag home.
Elsewhere in school we are preparing for our annual Advent service which will be held at Sacred Heart on 5th December. The whole school will walk to church. If you would like to walk with us to and from church we would be very grateful. Unfortunately we can not invite all parents to the service due to space but please visit our blog to see some photos. Years 5 and 6 had their mass at church on Tuesday learning all about the presentation of Mary and the importance of prayer.
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Have a peaceful weekend,
Sarah Luter


On Monday we had our yearly Remembrance service. It was a truly moving occasion. Children from Year 5 wrote monologues and Year 6 contributed some poetry. Every Year group created an offering for our prayer table which was placed at the centre of the hall with all 437 children sat around it to use as a focal point during the service and our two minute silence. The children were beautifully behaved and reflective throughout. The singing, with all credit to Miss Hill who leads our weekly songtime, was stunning.
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31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

We are a week ahead of ourselves here at St.Peter’s in preparation for our worship next Monday which will be our yearly Remembrance Service. So we have been thinking about how we should be prepared for other events in our lives including those that we take part in daily. Mr. Crozier had unfortunately left some of his things behind when preparing to go swimming! How should we be as prepared as possible? How can we prepare each and every day for Jesus? How can we be ready for Him? Children rightly suggested that we should walk in his footsteps, we should be kind, loving and patient. Mr. Crozier is looking forward to hearing the children’s reflections during worship on Friday.
One of the ways we prepare for Jesus is by taking His lead in difficult decisions in our lives. We continue, in lessons, to reflect on our feelings that surround forgiveness. How can we be good Christians and follow Jesus’s lead? Children across the school also continue to learn Catholic prayers and their meaning – for example the prayer of Eternal Rest.
As a staff we spent some time looking at the wonderful learning journeys in our RE books. Below are some photos of Reception’s class book. We think that you will agree they are beautiful. The children have been thinking about Mary and their own mothers. This week they visited the chapel at Oaklands to find out all about the signs and symbols that we see there.
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Have a happy weekend,
Sarah Luter

30th Week in Ordinary Time

How do we show love towards our neighbour at St. Peter’s? Who is our neighbour? Whole school worship encouraged children to think about how God wants us to treat everyone as our neighbour. This is one of the ways that we show that we love the Lord our God with all our hearts. Reception children joined us for whole school worship for the first time this week and already knew that sharing was one way we could show our love to our neighbours (our friends at school). A Girl in Year 6 rightly said that we just need to follow our Mission Statement. Everything we do at St. Peter’s places Christ at the centre, and we know that the way we treat each other is a reflection of this.
In RE lessons we continue to learn how to place Christ at the centre of our lives through the example that the saints show us. We learn how to be merciful, prayerful, humble and to seek forgiveness when we fail to follow their example.
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