4th Week of Easter at St. Peter’s

This week our Year 6 children are taking their SATs tests and so we keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Due to the hall being used for testing, worship has taken part in class every day this week. Children are reflecting on how Jesus is ‘the way in’ through Him we can find the entrance to God’s Kingdom if we choose to follow Him when He calls our names.

In lessons, Year 4 have been learning about The Hail Mary prayer and how part of it is scriptural, and where in the scriptures we can find the words we speak when we say the prayer. Children then looked at how the second part of the prayer is about us as children of God asking Mary to pray for us. I think that you will agree that they produced some stunning work.

DSCN0199 DSCN0195 DSCN0194 DSCN0193 DSCN0192 DSCN0191 DSCN0188 DSCN0187 DSCN0186 1

Year 5 have been deepening their understanding of the Easter Vigil and thinking about why the resurrection is so important to Christians and how life might be if it had never happened. They then went on to showing the signs and symbols of the Easter Vigil through stained glass window art work.

DSCN0199 DSCN0201 DSCN0200DSCN0202

In Reception children have looked for signs of life in their surroundings and have also looked at symbols of new life in the bible. They could refer to the tadpoles and chicks that they watched grow in class and they are beginning to think about imagery that represents new life in their religious lives.

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