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Summer Term has begun!

Leading up to our Easter holiday we were learning all about Lent and how we can become more like Jesus during this season. We then turned our thoughts to Holy Week and the events that led to Jesus’s betrayal and death. This week back at school we are celebrating Easter and Jesus’s resurrection. Our younger children have been thinking about why Good Friday is named ‘Good’. They’ve had some interesting discussions! Year 3 have been learning about Jesus’s breakfast on the shore and how this changed the disciples. Year 6 have been comparing the four Gospel accounts of the resurrection looking at their similarities and differences.

In worship on Monday Mr Cunningham talked about surprises in his life and how they had changed his life forever. He asked us to reflect on surprises that we have experienced and how they have changed our lives. Jesus’s resurrection was certainly a surprise to many and if we have faith in Jesus our lives can be changed for the better forever.


In the next few days our prayer bags will be arriving home. Each class has a prayer bag with a cross, candle, St Peter’s themed prayer cloth, a prayer book and a note book for families to write their own prayers in. In KS1 a child will be chosen each day to take the bag home who has shown a commitment to our mission statement…

To walk hand in hand with God loving Him, loving each other and loving ourselves, doing our best with the gifts He gave us to make the world a richer place.

On a Wednesday the prayer bag will go home with the child who has also received the Golden Leaf that day as it is a reward closely related to our mission statement.

In KS2 the prayer bag will go home on a Thursday following their Golden Leaf assembly with the child who received the Golden Leaf.

Please encourage your child to set up a prayer area with the items in the bag as we do at school during collective worship. You could then say some prayers together as a family and write a prayer in the book provided. We sent home the bags during Lent and the children wrote some truly beautiful prayers.

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We hope that you enjoy receiving the prayer bag and that it gives you an extra opportunity to pray with your family.

Best wishes,

Sarah Luter

More from the last week of term!

Just thought I would add an extra blog this week to share some Stations of the Cross prayers and to congratulate all the children who successfully completed the jigsaw challenge!

Year 4 children thought about the actions and feelings of Jesus and about the events that happened during the last few hours before His crucifixion. They then wrote prayers that related to what they could learn from this and how they could apply this to their daily lives.

DSCN0142 DSCN0143


DSCN0136 DSCN0145 DSCN0146

Children were able to collect jigsaw pieces from mass each Sunday during Lent and then collect their last piece from school today. They collected this along with a small prize. Well done to all those children… here are just a few!

Well done George, Oliver and Emma from Year 6.


Have a happy and peaceful Easter!


Our Last Week of the Spring Term

As we began our last week of Spring Term Mr. Cunningham helped us to think about how important our actions and words are. He explained that once we have spoken them our words can not be ‘put back’ just like once cracked, an egg can not be placed back into it’s shell. Try as she might, our Year 5 pupil showed the school that this is impossible. We learn that it is God and God only who is able to reverse things that have happened. The story of Lazarus being brought back to life is a clear message of this. The story also tells us how even though we have complete faith in Jesus it is still hard, sometimes, to imagine what He is capable of.

This week all children have taken part in a Stations of the Cross pilgrimage. It was a very moving experience and children went on to respond through talk and writing showing a powerful development in their faith in Jesus Christ.

A very happy Easter from all of us at St. Peter’s. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 24th April.