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Another Busy Week!

We began our last week of this half term learning about Sunday’s Gospel reading. Jesus’s message was that the poor widow never gave up asking the dishonest judge to do the right thing.

Children were surprised to hear that Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe for KFC was initially rejected 1000 times and that Star Wars was at first rejected by Hollywood. Mr Cunningham explained that Jesus wants us to keep on praying to God, even when it seems that we are not getting anywhere.

God will always listen and always care for us, but His answer to our prayers may not be as quick as we would like, or give us what we think we want in life.

Last week children in Year 2 celebrated a liturgy in the school hall with families and friends coming in to join them. Deacon Mark helped the children to understand the importance of looking after God’s Creation. The children acted out the story of Noah’s Ark which helps us to understand how important God’s Creation is to us.


In class Year 6 have been looking at descriptions of Heaven in Revelations and comparing these to their own and other peoples ideas about Heaven. In Reception children have been learning all about how Jesus made friends and how we make friends today.

Following a brisk Autumnal walk Years 3 and 4 had a Mass to celebrate Our Lady at the Church this week. Deacon Mark and Father Kevin helped the children to think about the importance of Our Lady to our Catholic faith.

Have a lovely, restful half term to all our St. Peter’s friends and families!

Sarah Luter


CAFOD ‘Brighten Up For Harvest’.

Please visit to find out all about our CAFOD activities and fundraising.

Thank you again to Patrick and Isobel Flynn.

This Week at St. Peter’s!

In class children are celebrating the Month of Mary and deepening their knowledge of how to pray the Rosary. Each year group is focusing on a different Mystery and thinking about how they can use the Rosary to develop their relationship with Mary and Jesus.

During whole school worship children were invited to consider how a small action can make a big difference. We can recharge our faith by praying, going to church and by doing kind things for other people. We heard about how a small act of kindness by Alistair Brownlee has recharged people’s faith in human kindness across the world.
The staff at St. Peter’s held a MacMillan Coffee Morning last week. Also children have been showing their support for CAFOD through our ‘Wear It Bright’ day. We have had cake sales, penalty shoot outs and art competitions. Blue Phase had a face painting competition won by Isabeau in Starfish Class. Our CAFOD volunteers led an assembly today (Friday) to celebrate Harvest. This gave us an opportunity to learn about how CAFOD is supporting families in Bolivia to feed and support themselves. Many thanks to Patrick and Isobel for joining us!
We look forward to welcoming all our Year 2 families and friends to their liturgy on Tuesday 11th October – next week!
Happy weekends to all our St.Peter’s friends and families.
Sarah Luter