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26th Week in Ordinary Time

The 26th week in Ordinary Time at St. Peter’s Primary School began with whole school worship with the Gospel reading from Luke 16 ‘Lazarus and the Rich Man’. Year Five have been thinking about the goodness that God values in us and were able to make suggestions about the meaning of this parable. They suggested that rather than valuing material possessions God values qualities in us such as being kind, honest, humble, forgiving and gentle.
Year One had their first year group liturgy this week. They were joined by many parents and Fr. Vitalis helped them to understand the story of Creation. It was a beautiful liturgy with all children and adults involved in prayer and making promises to look after God’s Creation.

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Many Year groups are learning about other faiths this week. Year 3 are finding out all about the Hindu story of creation. Year 2 are learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and what a Sukkah is used for and what it represents.

Please visit soon. We have our Harvest celebration coming up. CAFOD volunteers will be coming in to lead worship next Friday (7th October) and the day before we will be raising money for CAFOD through their Wear It Bright campaign. All children are invited to wear bright clothes that day (6th October) and make a donation of £1 or more. Each Year group will be contacting you soon to let you know what they as a year group will be doing in addition to this to raise money for CAFOD. We have money boxes that should be coming home to each family soon; perhaps children could earn a small amount of money by doing ‘jobs’ around the home or for other family members.

God bless,

Sarah Luter


Hello, welcome to our new Religious Education blog where I will let you know what we have been up to in RE lessons and in worship each week.

Last week we celebrated the beginning of the school year with Father Kevin. He joined children from years 1 -6, staff and governors for a Mass in the school hall. At the beginning of each school year we renew our commitment to St. Peter’s and promise to offer all we serve a vision of life inspired by the Gospel of Jesus. We promise to be disciples of Jesus and bring God’s love to our school and our families and friends.

The Mass was a truly wonderful start to the school year. We are always inspired by Father Kevin’s words and look forward to seeing him, and Father Vitalis, regularly throughout the year. Father Vitalis will join Year One next Tuesday (27th September) for worship. Families of Year One children will be warmly welcomed to the liturgy at 10.20 in the school hall.

We begin each school week with a whole school collective worship where we hear the Gospel reading from Sunday. We have heard two parables over the last two weeks; The Lost Sheep and The Parable of The Shrewd Manager. The Lost Sheep teaches us that sometimes we are a little like sheep who stray away from their shepherd. We sometimes stray from God but he is always ready to welcome us back into His loving arms. The Parable of The Shrewd Manager tells us that when money is used honestly and wisely, it can improve our lives and the lives of others, but it does not bring us lasting happiness. Money is unimportant and valueless to God, who measures our wealth according to our goodness and love. Back in class children reflect on the message of the Gospel in daily class worship.

During RE lessons all of the children in all year groups are learning about God’s creation. Children in Year 5 are learning to compare the bible stories about creation. Year 3 are learning about Godparents and their role in protecting God’s creation. All classes are also producing their own class prayer books to guide prayer time at lunch and at the end of the day.

I hope that you will enjoy reading our blog each week and that it is helpful in keeping you informed about the spiritual life of St. Peter’s Primary School and about the RE curriculum.

God bless,

Mrs. Luter