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What’s going on?

Here is a short story to help you understand why you are staying at home and what a brilliant job you are all doing!

Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Byrne and Mrs Chapman

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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!
We hope you are all well and enjoying the home learning that your teachers planned for you to do. We understand that sometimes being at home can be challenging for lots of different reasons. When this happens it can make you feel sad, annoyed, angry, or something else! You might just start to feel a bit negative about what is bothering you, this is called a Thought Mix-up! Have a look at the Thought mix-up guide below to help you when this happens, it can really help! Remember you can also talk to your parents, a trusted adult or your teachers if you are unhappy, they will listen and try to help.

You can also email any worries to Mrs Byrne or Mrs Chapman through this email address: or call the school number on 02392 262599.

You can print by opening here Thought Mix-ups  or look at the pictures below.