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Hello everyone!

How are you feeling today: happy; excited; calm; confused?

We all have lots of feelings every day. Whatever you feel today, it’s okay, even if it’s not a nice feeling. Experiencing emotions like sadness, worry or anger can help us learn about ourselves and other people.  Feelings come and go like clouds in the sky. Think about all the feelings you have had today and imagine they are animals; draw a picture of yourself as that animal. Look at the animal photos below to give you some ideas! You can also watch this video –


    Happy?     Worried

    Silly?               Angry?


This week we also have these fabulous new activities….

Click the link –   All About Me


  Click the link – Daily gratitude journal

  Click the link – I am amazing


We hope enjoy this weeks blog!

Mrs Byrne and Mrs Chapman



Welcome to the Pumpkin Room blog!

We hope you are all ok and enjoying the lovely sunny weather, as well as your home learning.

We are thinking of you all lots and miss seeing all of your lovely faces. We can’t wait to be back at school with everyone when we can, and we look forward to properly reopening the Pumpkin Room.

We know this is a really strange time for you all and you might be feeling lots of different things – some of you might be excited to be at home, others might be worried about what’s going on and some of you might be sad because you miss you friends. It’s ok to feel all of those things, and it’s completely normal.

We want to share some ideas that might help you with all these feelings, and remind you all just how brilliant you really are! We hope you like what we have chosen.

Stay safe, keep smiling…and keep looking for the rainbow after the storm.

Mrs Byrne and Mrs Chapman


Here is something to get you started

(click the link below)



How about trying the June Wellbeing Calendar Challenge!

Click the link below!


We all sometimes have days when we don’t feel happy about something, this is called a negative thought. Negative thoughts are not helpful and often stop us from achieving something good.  Try challenging your negative thought to a positive one! This take a bit of practice so this worksheet will help!

Click the link below



Some of you have been ‘staying at home’ for quite a while now and may be thinking it’s time to improve yourself or get better at a new skill like juggling or knowing your times tables. It often helps to decide on a ‘goal’, this is what you want to achieve. The next worksheet will help you to plan how to get to your goal! Good luck!!

Click the link below

Goal setting


Warm fuzzies are things that make you feel good about yourself. Can you imagine that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside of you when something good happens. It feels comforting and just NICE. Almost like a hug but without being touched.  There are lots of ways to feel warm and fuzzy.

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