School Library Service (SLS)

The Hampshire School Library Service provide an excellent range of resources to support learning in schools, to promote reading for pleasure and provide school libraries with a variety of carefully chosen, new and exciting books.


Throughout the Spring Term, Puffer Fish and Turtles have been reading, exploring and reviewing a selection of new picture books, provided by SLS.  The children have chosen their favourite book, “You’re Called WHAT?!” and their votes have been submitted to the Hampshire Picture Book Award 2019.


Pupils in Kangaroo and Koala have been reading, judging and discussing a shortlist of new information books, provided by SLS.  When the year 4 votes were counted, two books received the same number of votes, ‘Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landings’ and ‘How Does my Home Work?’  These results have been submitted to the Hampshire Information Book Award 2019.


By taking part in this event, the school have received 3 copies of each book, 24 new books in total, to be added to the school library.

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