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Author Visit – The 2 Steves


On Friday 10th November 2017, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore (The 2 Steves) came to visit us for the day.

The whole of KS2 were completed transfixed during their “Action Dogs” show and even the teachers (Miss Stapley) got in on the action.

IMG_2568 IMG_2658 IMG_2676 IMG_2657 IMG_2626 IMG_2622


The 2 Steves spent the rest of the morning talking to some of the children about being an author.

IMG_2693 IMG_2696


The winners of the competitions had lunch with the 2 Steves and the children even managed to get some chips from the kitchen for the 2 Steves which they all shared.

IMG_2699 IMG_2702


After signing books that children had purchased, they spent the whole afternoon with year 6. The talk was inspirational with a few laughs along the way.

IMG_2710 IMG_2708 IMG_2705

It was a great day for KS2 and for the staff. This will be the last time that the 2 Steves will be touring together but we hope to have just the 1 Steve (Steve Skidmore) back again soon.