Jubilee celebrations

To mark the Platinum Jubilee, pupils at St Peter’s have decorated the doors to their classrooms ahead of the Red, White and Blue party afternoon on Friday 27 May.

Year 6 chose British sporting heroes over the decades.

Year 3 filmed their own coronations with a 3-D monarch.

Year 2 invited us all to take tea with the Queen.

The music room had disks for a dance through the decades.

The Pumpkin Room mounted its own Queen’s Guard.  Attention!

Well done to all of the pupils for their hard work on their decorations, and thank you to all
the staff who coordinated this colourful pageant.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Mrs Carter-Hall has been busy making patriotic pastries and
British buns for the children to enjoy during an afternoon of activities, games and celebrations.

Thank you to our fabulous catering team who provide for us all year round.

Mr R Cunningham

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