Back to every part of normal.

Lots of my ‘next step in the journey back to normal’ messages over recent months have been about events and traditions for which the pupils, staff and community of St Peter’s have been longing. This week, though, the ‘next step in the journey back to normal’ has been the return of formal Statutory Assessment Tests for our Year 6 pupils, with our pupils in Year 2 also doing tests over the full month of May. I am delighted to be able to report that all of the pupils rose to this challenge with good spirit, hard work and thorough commitment. The pupils have lived through unprecedented times since March 2020, and for them to have prepared for their tests so thoroughly is a testament to their teachers and their families during this whole pandemic. I am sure that lots of hard work by them, their families, and many colleagues over several years, will be richly rewarded.  Well done to everyone, children and adults, involved.

Mr R Cunningham

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