Cyber safety education

St Peter’s takes its commitment to teaching pupils about cyber-safety very seriously.  In November, pupils from our Cyber Ambassadors scheme prepared and presented to classes information on how to protect personal details and be conscious of their digital footprint when using resources on-line.  The power of this message came from the fact that the pupils, whilst supported by adults in the school, researched their own resources to use in the presentation.  This meant that the content was relevant to what interests children when using the internet for playing games and watching videos on-line.

This week, we built upon this education with presentations for year groups from Lee Hayward, who works as a cyber-safety consultant to local schools.  The focus of his presentation was twofold; firstly helping the children to spot the signs and dangers of fake social media content, and secondly to be wary of befriending individuals on-line who may play the same games or visit the same sites on the internet.  The importance of keeping on-line safety education up to date is that the virtual world is constantly changing itself, meaning that we will continue to bring in support and advice to help our pupils become responsible and safe citizens of the internet world.

Mr R Cunningham

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